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Cloud-based multi-DRM service

ExpressPlay DRM is a cloud-based media monetization service for OTT streaming operators and content distributors.

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ExpressPlay multi-DRM service

Cloud-based OTT content protection with global streaming footprint and proven scalability

The ExpressPlay multi-DRM service supports all major DRMs including Apple FairPlay Streaming, Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady, Adobe Primetime, and the open-standard Marlin DRM.

ExpressPlay multi-DRM scales to protect millions of concurrent global viewers for major live events with a cost-effective solution featuring geo-redundancy and automatic fail-over options. This ensures the lowest service latency wherever subscribers are located.

ExpressPlay DRM Offline is a multi-DRM platform that is designed to protect content delivery and playback in offline environments.

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Studio trusted OTT security offering global coverage and compatibility

The cloud-based ExpressPlay multi-DRM service is optimized for content owners and distributors streaming live and VOD content, offering the broadest device compatibility in a fragmented OTT universe. The global multi-DRM content protection service meets UHD 4K licensing requirements for live and premium VOD services with scalability proven in the world’s largest OTT streaming deployments.

Global cloud service offers proven scalability and reliability

The ExpressPlay multi-DRM service is backed by the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure with regional redundancy and fail-over options. Our proven solution scales to any operational requirement, enabling low-latency live streaming delivery globally.

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Comprehensive compatibility overcomes client OS/DRM fragmentation

ExpressPlay multi-DRM service supports all major DRMs, operating systems and adaptive bitrate protocols. Its comprehensive compatibility allows services to be delivered securely to all kinds of client devices: smart TVs, Win/Mac browsers, Android and iOS devices, and STBs.

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Studio trusted security facilitates premium/UHD content licensing

ExpressPlay DRM fulfills the requirements of MovieLabs’ Enhanced Content Protection specification. As the DRM technology pioneer, Intertrust has earned the trust of the world’s premier studios, facilitating licensing of UHD 4K, live, and premium VOD content.

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Choice of ExpressPlay SDKs or native DRM clients

ExpressPlay Binary SDK for Android

  • Playback of protected HLS and MPEG-DASH content even on devices without native DRM support
ExpressPlay Binary SDK for iOS
  • Playback of protected HLS and MPEG-DASH content on iOS devices
ExpressPlay Source SDK
  • Playback of protected content in smart TVs and STBs

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Marlin – The only universal open-standard DRM

Co-founded by Intertrust, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, and Sony in 2005, Marlin is a consumer electronics and mobile friendly technology, compatible with popular OS, platforms, codecs, file formats, and delivery systems. Marlin supports various content distribution models like download, streaming, multicast, and broadcast.

Visit the Marlin Community
Marlin – The only universal open-standard DRM

Partner solutions for the real world

Intertrust and select partners of complementary products and services offer joint solutions to address the many challenges OTT operators and content distributors face. Operators can reduce cost and risk while speeding time-to-market by choosing among our pre-integrated solutions.

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One stop multi-CDN, multi-DRM service

OTT operators face a fragmentation of codecs and formats, ABR protocols and DRMs, resulting in complex and costly workflows. Fastly and Intertrust provide a one-stop multi-CDN and multi-DRM solution, combining Fastly’s on-the-fly packaging with the ExpressPlay multi-DRM service. Download the joint solution brief.

Secure content packaging with ExpressPlay DRM and AWS Media Services thumbnail

Secure content packaging with ExpressPlay DRM and AWS Media Services

Today sees intense competition in the online video provider marketplace, and demands for high-performance OTT services similar to broadcasting. In partnership with AWS Media Services we satisfy OTT operator requirements for live and on-demand streaming services in a cost-effective and robust manner. Download the joint solution brief.

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Protect digital trading
card platform

LINE Corp. (Japan) will use ExpressPlay multi-DRM service to protect its new VVID® entertainment digital trading card platform. The VVID platform allows fans to purchase or trade digital cards featuring their favorite content. These cards highlight characters, artists, models, scenes, etc., from the worlds of anime, television, movies, fashion, and more.

Cost effective multi-DRM services for advanced video streaming

Advanced OTT streaming security challenges

Buy versus build options for a multi-DRM solution

Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)

CMAF and streamlined packaging workflow

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Related products

ExpressPlay Anti-Piracy and Watermarking icon

ExpressPlay Anti-Piracy and Watermarking

The service incorporates content protection functionality that includes web piracy monitoring and legal enforcement for linear, live event and VOD content. Choice of client-side or server-side watermark insertion.

product features:

Comprehensive Anti-Piracy Service

Web monitoring and legal enforcement for linear, live and VOD content

Advanced Subscriber ID (ASiD) client-composited watermarking

Fast payload extraction to identify live content redistribution culprits

Server-side watermarking option

On-the-fly forensic watermark insertion in encoded and encrypted content

ExpressPlay XCA icon

ExpressPlay XCA

Cloud-based service for protecting broadcast content leveraging open-standard Marlin DRM. Pay-TV operators and broadcasters deliver premium/UHD content directly to smart TVs without STBs or external security hardware thereby reducing TCO.

product features:

Leveraging industry standards

Compatible with DVB, HbbTV, and open-standard Marlin DRM

No STBs or external security hardware required

XCA client pre-integration in chipsets and smart TVs reduces TCO

Fast time-to-market

Client embedded in Sony, HiSense and Vestel smart TVs (150+ brands)

ExpressPlay DRM Offline icon

ExpressPlay DRM Offline

Multi-DRM platform featuring the studio trusted and open-standard Marlin DRM along with Google Widevine Modular and Apple FairPlay Streaming. This multi-DRM solution is designed to secure content delivery and playback in offline environments.

product features:

Multi-DRM platform

Open-standard Marlin DRM plus Google Widevine and Apple FPS

Secure download and offline playback

Ideal for travel and hospitality applications with limited internet access

Compatible with Kiora content delivery platform

Enables turnkey end-to-end solution for premium entertainment

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