ExpressPlay DRMTM

The first cloud-based DRM platform to support all major DRMs

The Intertrust ExpressPlay™ cloud DRM system provides complete, end-to-end content protection that meets even the toughest Hollywood standards. ExpressPlay is the only multi-DRM technology available across all popular platforms and formats. Our service is cost-effective and easy to integrate, and our platform is very scalable both in terms of use of elastic cloud and of geographical coverage.

Complete, end-to-end protection – device credentials, content key storage, content encryption, multi-DRM license delivery, and secure playback

Select a complete out-of-the-box solution, or pick only the options you need.

expressplay cloud service

ExpressPlay™ DRM Cloud Service

The ExpressPlay DRM Cloud Service supports all the leading DRMs — Apple FairPlay, Google Widevine, Marlin, and Microsoft PlayReady. Use our Service API to manage your account and track activity. Learn more
expressplay SDK

ExpressPlay™ Binary SDK

Using our pre-hardened binary SDK you can effortlessly enable Marlin DRM-protected playback in Android and iOS apps. A number of devices already support Marlin DRM and therefore will require no SDK. For Marlin DRM on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS Learn more
expressplay packating tools

ExpressPlay™ Packaging Tools

Use ExpressPlay packaging tools to package your content, then securely store the content keys in your database or in our Keystore. The ExpressPlay KeyStore is a convenient, fully integrated and easy-to-use solution for managing content keys and content ID correlations. Learn more
ExpressPlay DRM Client SDK

Deliver content seamlessly to any device or platform

The revolutionary ExpressPlay DRM platform supports Apple FairPlay, Google Widevine, Marlin DRM, and Microsoft PlayReady. With a single SDK, reduce costs by eliminating the need to distribute multiple versions of protected assets. Moreover, DRM overcomes the challenges of the diverse device landscape (myriad flavors of Android, iOS, etc). Efficiently implement offline playback of content on mobile devices, while minimizing the need for complex backend systems and professional services. Learn more
Multi-DRM Support
UHD/4K Support

Compliance with MovieLabs specifications for premium content deployments such as UHD/4K resolution and early release availability

Hollywood studios require enhanced Hardware Security for premium UHD/4K content to ensure that their content is delivered securely. With industry-leading encryption options, a trusted execution environment, HDCP 2.2 Compliance, and watermarking, ExpressPlay UHD is one of the most simple and secure ways to protect premium content.

Watermarking While a traditional DRM service provides security only when accessing content, ExpressPlay supports session-based watermarking to track any unauthorized redistribution of premium content. ExpressPlay has partnered with Content Armor and Friend MTS, to embed state-of-art forensic watermarking that remains with the content, regardless of how it might be transcoded or altered.

Learn more
Marlin DRM Support

Open standard compatible

Developed by Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips and Intertrust, Marlin DRM is a multi-device, multi-media format open standard DRM used by major media distribution services worldwide. ExpressPlay and the Marlin Development community have worked with consumer electronics and chip manufacturers to build-in Marlin support for connected TVs, set-top boxes and other CE devices. Learn more
Offline Support

Entertain captive audiences everywhere

Marlin DRM gives users the ability to enjoy protected content even when an Internet connection isn’t available. Our partners use this feature to provide entertainment to passengers in airplanes, trains and taxis, as well as to users in locations with under-developed broadband infrastructure. Learn more

Tamper Resistance

Secure from Source to Customer

Our ExpressPlay binary SDK includes whiteCryption’s industry-leading Application Shielding solutions for code and data security. This award-winning enterprise solution protects applications at the source code level with state-of-the-art tamper resistance technology and secures secrets and keys using the battle-tested white-box cryptography we use in Secure Key Box. You can rest assured that your content and the platform protecting it are secure. Learn more
SDK Source

New to DRM?

Would you like to learn more about the basic principles of Digital Rights Management? Then please watch our What is DRM animated video and read this blog post to demystify the concept.

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Trusted to protect the content of some of the largest media companies in the world


Trusted by major Hollywood studios, ExpressPlay is the leading DRM technology in China. It is also part of national video distribution initiatives in UK, Italy and Japan.

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