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The Intertrust partner program advances a more secure and interoperable energy landscape for energy operators. By integrating Intertrust's cutting-edge technologies, our partners drive innovation in secure and resilient digital energy solutions.


A trusted, interoperable energy ecosystem

Aimed at OEMs, VPP operators, and IoT component manufacturers, XPN ensures the integrity and confidentiality of energy data and operations.

Shape the future of resilient energy operations

IoT chip & module manufacturers

As IoT components increasingly become targets for sophisticated cyber attacks, protecting them is paramount.

Our XPN for Energy partners provide their customers persistent data protection at the deep edge, staying ahead of evolving regulations and IoT market demands.

Device manufacturers

As steerable energy devices like heat pumps, energy storage solutions, and HVAC systems become increasingly connected, their exposure to cyber threats escalates.

OEM partners integrate XPN into their device application layer to harden their DERs with zero-trust principles, elevating market confidence in product safety and reliability.

VPP operators

XPN for Energy enables VPP operators to securely operate distributed energy resources across untrusted networks.

Partnering with us means seamlessly upgrading your overall security architecture, increasing the reliability and safety of AI-based energy distribution, and adding resilience to your VPP.

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We are dedicated to improving energy security through collaborative integration with our partners.

Aimed at OEMs, VPP operators, and IoT component manufacturers, XPN for Energy ensures the integrity and security of your energy data and devices.

XPN for Energy gives partners security and interoperability out-of-the-box to seamlessly communicate across untrusted networks, increasing energy efficiency and empowering AI-driven solutions.

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“VPPs are ripe for malicious attacks and data breaches. With Intertrust, we can seamlessly support a large number of secure, distributed, endpoint devices and data sets in their implementation. The result is best-in-class trust, security and energy efficiency for our customers.”

Tony Lee



Operational intelligence

The Intertrust VOX partner program is designed for data providers, AI providers, and systems integrators looking to accelerate their entry into the energy market. Seamlessly access essential data and systems at scale, with faster integration, standardized data access, and a quicker path to delivering customer value.

Amplify the impact of digital transformation across energy portfolios, for greater efficiencies and a new era of operational intelligence.

Transform energy management through data intelligence.

Data providers

In partnering with Intertrust VOX, data providers gain an unmatched opportunity to amplify their data's reach and influence across the energy sector.

Contribute weather, market insights, or other unique data products, to play a crucial role in enabling data-driven solutions. Help lead the way to smarter, more sustainable energy management practices.

Analytics & AI

Intelligence providers are invited to bring their innovative advanced analytics and AI-driven solutions to VOX, tapping into new opportunities for growth.

Integrating with VOX accelerates deployment and unlocks access to a comprehensive energy data ecosystem, reducing time to value and contributing to a smart energy future.

Systems integrators

Our VOX partner program allows systems integrators to integrate cutting-edge AI and analytics solutions, enhancing their ability to deliver sophisticated energy management systems.

Streamline the deployment of complex data-driven solutions, ensuring your clients benefit from optimized operational efficiencies and advanced decision-making capabilities.

Featured partners

Meet our partners who are already harnessing the power of Intertrust technologies.

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  • NxtPort International
  • CEIK
  • MetaChip
  • Rainforest Automation
  • InCountry

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