ExpressPlay XCA
– The unCAS Solution

ExpressPlay XCA™ is a security-as-a-service (SaaS) that uses open-standard Marlin DRM to enable broadcasters and network operators to deliver content to a set‑top box or Smart TV via DVB channels.

ExpressPlay XCA – CAS and DRM United at Last

The Internet has fundamentally disrupted TV forever. Today, consumers want to watch TV on all devices and platforms. TV service providers who depend on reliable and cost-effective digital rights management (DRM) technology for broadband have had to use expensive, rigid Conditional Access (CA) systems for broadcast, are itching for a convergence. ExpressPlay XCA is the solution.

Implement CA rule sets with reliable DRM technology

ExpressPlay XCA is a revolutionary card-less content management solution for broadcasters with support for both DVB broadcast-only devices and broadband or hybrid devices. It seamlessly bridges between the Conditional Access and DRM worlds.

Marlin DRM

Built on the open standard Marlin DRM

ExpressPlay XCA uses the same content protection engine as the ExpressPlay Marlin DRM system, enabling operators to service both broadband and broadcast devices with the same content protection software. Our use of open standards technology means that our solution is both flexible, and future proof and frees customers of proprietary products.

Business Opportunity

Your business will thank you

ExpressPlay XCA goes way beyond protecting your revenue and reputation. Our solution presents tremendous cost savings for operators by limiting the dependency on expensive CA modules and onerous business terms. Moreover, the same solution can be used by operators to protect both broadcast TV, IPTV platforms, and OTT applications, avoiding the duplication of services.


Your reputation secured

ExpressPlay XCA offers uncompromising security by relying on standard technology such as AES and RSA ciphers.

With modern on-chip hardware security functions (such as TEE and SVP), and the option to pre-integrate with Root of Trust and watermarking for additional security, our CA offers the same if not a higher level of security than your traditional overbuilt CA system.

Hollywood approved

Trusted by the biggest studios

ExpressPlay offers hardware security that meets Hollywood standards for premium UHD/4K and early window content. All Hollywood studios approve Marlin DRM as a top-quality DRM system and readily license Marlin enabled services and devices

Hollywood Sign

Flexible business models

Easy to deploy

For the operator: Service API enables operators to manage their subscribers, such APIs support device activation, de-activation, the issuing of digital rights to access content according to different business rules. All the tools for verifying the end-to-end content workflow

For the device maker: Marlin Source Code Client SDK for Smart TV and STB / Binary SDK supports various platforms including iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows

Flexible business models

Easily integrate

ExpressPlay XCA provides flexible business models (FTA, Pay TV, UHD, Early Window) and can be easily integrated with any existing Headend infrastructure and Subscriber Management System through ExpressPlay.

Everyone benefits

Advantages for Operators:

  • Prepare for an all-IP and all-DRM future
  • Reduce both operational costs and customer acquisition costs
  • Achieve interoperability across broadband and broadcast

Advantages for Device Makers:

  • Lower Cost
  • Eliminate the need for CAMs and smart cards
  • Self-certification lowers cost and accelerates time-to-market
  • One converged content security stack for both DVB and OTT services

Advantages for Everyone:

  • Seamless experience
  • Future proof technology
  • No dependent on a single tech provider
  • Lower costs and enhanced user experience