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Media and Entertainment

Intertrust’s products help media and entertainment companies
meet the challenges of the new digital market

The media and entertainment industry is in an enviable position

Media is delivered to self-driving cars, across kitchen appliances, as in-flight entertainment, on wearables, and many other screens in the IoT market including virtual reality head sets. Combine the increase in multiple screens with data from IoT sensors, and the media and entertainment industry is in an enviable position to deliver customized media experiences to their customers.


Capture audiences and deliver customized media experiences

Media companies today are able to deliver personalized content and targeted advertising. To capture audiences, advanced methods of data collection are required. The distinguishing factor in content is the level of intelligence gleaned from first-party data and how the data is governed at the platform level.

customized media experience

Media delivery is constantly evolving

Media consumers expect instant access to media on a variety of digital devices. By leveraging multi-channel delivery and multiple devices, the number of device connections that must be managed is rising in the media and entertainment industry as well as the data they collect from these devices.

Media Delivery constantly evolving
Targeted Media

Providing the right data

Media customers carry information that is processed into rich consumer personas and segments. A higher level of intelligence from first-party data is required to deliver custom experiences and targeted advertising. This requires data governed at the cooperative platform level.

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Private Data Platform

The cloud acts as an aggregation layer for all of the data points generated from multiple screens and multi-device content. Personagraph, provides this cloud-based layer, delivering a platform for analytics providing end-to-end insight into delivery channels, inventory, customer behaviors and revenue streams along with a comprehensive dashboard for understanding and control. Through Personagraph’s real-time cloud environment, media and entertainment companies can make immediate sense of and act on personalization and targeted delivery of both advertising and content.

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Security and Governance

Billions of pieces of content require protection

The media and entertainment industry must protect content end-to-end and manage for sharing with customers and partners including digital data for first run movies, consumption data from a mobile device or production data from a connected digital movie camera.

The biggest challenges are around privacy and cybersecurity.

IP Rights and Regulatory Hurdles

Companies should consider the risks associated around data such as regulatory hurdles and intellectual property rights. As more and more connected devices handle sensitive data, protecting and managing this information is becoming more difficult.

Number of Connections is Rising

Due to the increasing importance of multi-channel delivery, the number of device connections that must be managed is rising in the media and entertainment industry.

Consumption is Rising

In Q1 2016, 18-24 year-old Americans spent over 28 hours a week on consuming media on their smartphones and game consoles.

Security Rests on the Industry

The Media and Entertainment industry needs to be flexible to meet the challenge of serving the increasingly connected consumer.

Intertrust’s products help media and
entertainment companies meet the challenges
of the new digital market.

Software Application Protection

Content protection technologies and services enable a trusted environment for content companies to distribute their content. While content protection for digital media is a mature technology, protecting the billions of pieces of content distributed to millions of devices daily is a constant challenge.

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Device Certificate Authority

Modern Internet-connected devices such as entertainment and IoT devices require a strong security model to protect transactions and keep data private. This requires authentication and encryption among and between trusted devices and services. Seacert is Intertrust’s cryptographic key management service and provides a secure device provisioning service.

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Intertrust Best Practices Series: What is DRM?

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