Core Technologies and Trusted Data Platforms for the Connected World

Over the past 25 years, Intertrust has developed technologies that are uniquely suited to today’s distributed computing environments. From IoT to the cloud, our products ensure the security, privacy, and policy enforcement required for effective distributed data governance. Increasingly, Intertrust technologies are forming the trusted backbone needed for the data exchanges that will drive business in the 21st century!

Intertrust® Secure Systems

Fundamental technologies for trusted distributed computing

For over two decades, Intertrust has devised solutions that authenticate, protect, manage data transactions. These core technologies form the backbone of the Intertrust Platform for interoperable computing.

Our Secure Systems Products

Secure authorization

ExpressPlay™ is a secure, complete, cloud-based Digital Rights Management (DRM) system that meets even the toughest Hollywood standards. ExpressPlay is the only multi-DRM technology available across all popular platforms and formats. It allows content distributors of all sizes to distribute video, audio, ebooks, easily, flexibly, and cost-effectively.

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ExpressPlay Digital Rights Management System
Seacert Certificate Authority
Secure authentication

Seacert provides trusted digital certificates that authenticate the identity of devices and services. Seacert also provides trusted root keys for Internet-based systems such as app stores and media distribution platforms. Seacert has shipped over a billion certificates to Internet-connected devices around the world, and is expanding into new markets such as smart grids and IoT devices.

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whitecryption code protection
Secure trusted runtime

Many modern apps carry secrets and personal information that must be protected from hackers. whiteCryption provides security software tools for app developers to protect software code integrity from being compromised, and a secure white-box cryptography library that protects cryptographic keys embedded within app code. whiteCryption is a subsidiary of Intertrust and a pioneer in advanced mathematical techniques for protecting software from attackers.

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Trusted Data Platforms

Applying our expertise in secure systems, neutral data marketplaces, and governance for real world benefit

Intertrust’s specialized Trusted Data Platforms use the powerful data capabilities of the Intertrust Platform to provide fine-grained governance and analytics capabilities at scale.

Our Trusted Data Platforms

Personagraph Programmatic Marketing Platform

While people enjoy “free” ad-sponsored Internet content, it often comes at a great price to their data privacy.  Most major web operators trade on their consumers’ private information with little regard to who sees what. Personagraph™ solves this problem by protecting a user’s private information while providing accurate targeting abilities to advertisers. Our data privacy-centric, predictive marketing and personalization services platform allows app developers to engage with users. User information stays private and secure even though targeting is done in precise fashion. Personagraph also provides marketers with anonymized yet accurate insights and analytics information that can be used to guide campaigns.

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genecloud genomic data platform

More than ever, mountains of DNA data and personal healthcare information are being generated. This is both a boon for medicine and a potential data privacy nightmare. Genecloud™ is a trusted cloud service for storing and analyzing genetic sequence data, and is designed to strike a balance between access and privacy. Genecloud provides integrated features—security, auditing, data integrity, and user consent—that help researchers stay focused on what matters most: their research.

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The Intertrust Platform

Intertrust Platform Secure System

Build your own data marketplace

With our Secure Systems technologies deeply engrained, the cloud-based Intertrust Platform provides fine-grained data governance at scale. In collecting and analyzing the sensor information of billions of devices, the Platform is able to create intelligent inferences — while respecting the data and concerns of all stakeholders involved.

Intertrust Platform trusted data

One platform. Infinite applications.

The industry-leading technologies at the heart of the Intertrust Platform allows for a limitless variety of industry vertical applications. While Intertrust currently provides its Personagraph and Genecloud platforms as out-of-the-box trusted data platforms, the Intertrust Platform may be externally developed to suit your specific needs.

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