Intertrust Platform now natively supports additional high performance databases

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By Team Intertrust


Intertrust is pleased to announce that Intertrust Platform now natively supports three additional databases: ClickHouse, MongoDB Atlas, and Timescale. These three databases provide developers even more alternatives for efficiently handling large amounts of high-throughput IoT data, a key Intertrust Platform use case. 

ClickHouse and Timescale are open-source SQL-based databases with rapid data ingestion capabilities, making them a popular choice for developers who need to work with real-time IoT data to feed dashboards and analytics and prefer open-source solutions. MongoDB is a noSQL solution focused on large datasets in the billion-plus records range, making it well suited for installations with large numbers of IoT devices.

One of Intertrust Platform’s main objectives is to maintain a highly flexible and useful environment for our developers. Our increased support for a range of database technologies is the latest development in this effort and we look forward to providing you with more feature upgrades in the near future.


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