Talal G. Shamoon

Chief Executive Officer

David P. Maher


Jeff McDow

Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel

Florian Kolb

Chief Commercial Officer and General Manager, Energy

Anahita Poonegar

Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager, India

Jason Davis

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Robert E. Tarjan

Chief Scientist

Albhy Galuten

Senior Fellow, Technology Initiatives

Tom Miller

Senior Vice President, Global Sales

Yutaka Nagao

Senior Vice President, Technology Initiatives and General Manager, Japan

Manas Mati

VP Business Development, South Asia/Southeast Asia

Julian Durand

Vice President, Product Management and Chief Information Security Officer

Kalle Kägi

Senior Vice President, EMEA Operations and Data Protection Officer

Kristo Iila

Senior Vice President, Engineering

Chris Kalima

Vice President, Product Management

Kenny Huang

Managing Director, Greater China

Kristin Clark

Vice President, Security Operations

Chetan Babuta

Vice President of Operations, India

Ambriel Pouncy

Director, People and Culture