In Conversation with Intertrust

In this IABM TV interview, Ali Hodjat (Director Product Marketing, Intertrust Technologies) offers some advice on building a multi-DRM solution.

No option but to protect digital IPs today: SonyLIV’s Manish Verma

SonyLIV recently chose Intertrust’s cloud-based multi-DRM (digital rights management) service, ExpressPlay DRM, to protect content streaming and downloads, including both online and offline playbacks on all devices.

Leading Disruptor in Live and On-Demand Video Streaming—SonyLIV Selects Intertrust

Intertrust’s Cloud-based Multi-DRM Service Will Protect OTT Entertainment and Sports Content for More Than 130 Million Users.

Intertrust Planet OS Launches View2020 Climate Data Tracker Initiative

As Pollution Falls Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, View2020 Unites Planetary Signals to Track Environmental Changes. Dashboards, Trackers, and Visuals Help Observers, Policymakers, Academics, Scientists, and Businesses Track Progress on Environment and the Energy Transition.

Why do we need additional protection and security for utility data streams?

The decentralization of the energy system is progressing quickly. There’s more solar, more wind, more storage, more micro-grids, and more electric mobility.

Intertrust and Fastly Deliver Integrated Solution for Protection of Direct-to-Consumer Streaming Content

Fastly’s Edge Cloud CDN Integrates With ExpressPlay DRM for the Highest Quality Streaming Experience With Hollywood-Grade Content Protection.

Apple, Google to Turn Smartphones Into Coronavirus Tracking Devices

In rare collaboration, tech rivals look to method used in some Asian countries to curb contagion; effort is likely to raise privacy concerns.

Intertrust ExpressPlay DRM Integrated by Trapemn Through Partnership with Wowza™ Media Systems

Intertrust ExpressPlay DRM Chosen Solution for Rapid, Seamless Deployment of Protected Premium Content in Latin America.

Consortium of Fintech and Security Companies Create First Hardware-Free PIN-Based mPOS for Android

Rubean and CCV Partner with Intertrust and Riscure to Launch Solution for Micro-Merchants to use Android Handsets with PhonePOS to Accept Card Payments for Goods and Services.

Will 2020 be the year home IoT cyber attacks get serious?

When it comes to disruptive change, the emergence of the smart home is driving demographic, economic, and technological advancement as never before.

Mantis Tecnologia Licenses Intertrust’s Kiora Platform for Delivery of Content on Vale Passenger Trains

Content Available to 1 Million Passengers Without an Internet Connection on Daily Trains between Major Brazilian Travel Hubs.

Intertrust Launches First and Only Enterprise-Ready White-Box Cryptography Solution for Web Applications

whiteCryption Secure Key Box™ (SKB) for Web Combines Ease of ‘Drop-in and Go’ Library with the Strongest and Broadest Protection of Web Cryptographic Keys.