Intertrust XPN

(Explicit Private Networking)

World’s first IoT-optimized
secure communications service

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IoT systems operate on insecure networks.

IoT utilizes data protocols originally developed for centralized networks, ill-equipped for today’s distributed devices.

XPN™ is optimized for distributed IoT systems, securing data exchange across untrusted environments by authenticating all devices and applications, essential for critical infrastructure.

Urgency for a new trust model

Protection against sophisticated cyber threats requires a zero trust approach. Air gaps and segmented security are no longer adequate.


Additional connected devices between now and 2050.


Average cost of a data breach in the energy sector.


Average weekly cyberattacks per utility.


Predicted cost of successful cyberattacks on the US power grid.

Discover data protection for true, trusted edge computing

Safeguard data and devices at the edge with XPN security.

Protect data from the end-to-end

Minimize data breach risks and encrypt data at-rest and in-transit, with zero-trust architecture.

Bridge across environments

Establish trust across all complex and distributed environments with one uniform trust model.

Authorized data ingestions and command

Authenticate your devices to issue verified downstream commands for secure remote control capabilities.

Tunnel through insecure protocols

Secure your data through existing industry standards with native support for AMI, ZigBee, Bluetooth & ZWave.

Embrace the evolution of IoT

Establish trust across distributed systems to unleash the next-generation of secure applications for IoT and AI.

Tailored for next-gen AI in IoT networks

Existing protocols like VPN and TLS, designed for enterprise connections and e-commerce, are obsolete in complex IoT networks.


Transport layer

Tunnel between client and server

Assume client and data is trusted



Network layer

Tunnel through public networks

Assume virtual network is trusted


Application layer

Tunnel through insecure protocols

Zero-trust architecture

+ Interoperability + Resilience + Flexibility

XPN to Energy Partner Program

As an OEM, VPP provider, or chip manufacturer, join our partner program to get security and interoperability out-of-the-box, to seamlessly communicate across untrusted networks.

Solar inverters

Smart heaters




Energy Storage

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XPN is based on open standards for secure interoperability in multi-vendor OT/IT digital energy systems

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