Intertrust Platform now supports one-click Apache Superset deployments

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By Team Intertrust


We are pleased to announce that Intertrust Platform now supports single-click deployments of Apache Superset. Apache Superset is an open source software project used for the exploration and visualization of large-scale datasets and is gaining support amongst developers as an open source alternative to proprietary data visualization software. 

Organizations can  accelerate time to insight through this built-in integration with Platform datasets. Data discovery features of existing Jupyter notebooks are extended and dashboards can be shared with other users within the Platform. No standalone installations or additional infrastructure set-up, such as local Docker installation or setting up web-hosting services, is required. Superset support reduces technical overhead, increases efficiency, and enables data analysts to focus on their key competencies.

Along with one-click launch of Superset deployments, privileged users working with Intertrust Platform can now also take advantage of a number Superset attributes, notably:

  • Select from the Superset provided default roles 
  • Set CPU and Memory limits for each individual Superset instance
  • List all Superset instances and details under one section

We look forward to continuing to expand Intertrust Platform’s developer features. If you have any questions or feedback about this post or anything else developer related, please contact us here.


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