Rome. Peace. Data-driven business models.

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By Phil Keys


The success of data-driven Internet native companies has given the rest of the world data envy. Most companies are now considering how they can wrestle control over their data flows and add data-driven business models to their current ones. For many established companies, their use of data has generally been limited, and this recent emphasis on data brings a number of new challenges. One is understanding if they actually have the rights to data they control. If this data comes from interactions with their customers or other third-parties, the answers to this question may not be black and white. Also, as the corpus of data that companies gather continues to grow, assuring the effective security and privacy of that data becomes a critical part of their operations.

As organizations of all sizes struggle with their data strategies, these crucial topics are front and center in their thinking. This is also the reason Intertrust is focusing its fourth bi-annual LINE x Intertrust Security Summit on this very subject. The summit will be held in Rome on October 29, 2018 and appropriately, at the Museo dell’Ara Pacis, a museum named after Pax, the Roman goddess of peace. The Security Summit is bringing together executives, academics, and policy professionals from Europe, Asia, and North America to discuss these topics of data ownership, security, privacy, and other related topics. It features professionals from both traditional industries such as media, health, and energy as well as Internet-native companies to ensure a wide-ranging discussion with interdisciplinary viewpoints represented.