XPN expands key handling and storage options

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By Team Intertrust


Intertrust Explicit Private Networking (XPN) now supports key renewal as well as additional databases developers can use to store XPN messages.

XPN is a highly secure Zero Trust Network Architecture solution for ensuring persistent protection of data transmitted from devices throughout its entire journey – both to and from a server/data repository. The XPN Client SDK now supports key renewability so developers can set key expiration time frames and revoke any issued keys. 

XPN is designed to reliably and efficiently support large-scale high-message volume device installations with the ability to ingest over over 1,000 records per second. To give developers even more message storage options, XPN now has three new database options, PostgreSQL, Snowflake, and Timescale. XPN is highly extensible and Intertrust will add database connectors in response to customer and market demands.

With this release, Intertrust further improves XPN’s capabilities to handle the transmission of persistently protected data from the deep edge to storage at scale—helping organizations bridge the IT/OT gap. We’re excited to see how developers will take advantage of these new capabilities within their systems.


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