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Intertrust Retail DataOps

A controlled marketplace for energy retailers and partners offering consumer products and services.

Retail DataOps

Consumer energy marketplace solutions for energy companies


Intertrust Retail DataOps is an intuitive, visual application that uses the Intertrust Platform to help utilities and energy companies create a secure data exchange and merchant marketplace. 


With Retail DataOps, energy companies can allow their third-party partners to:

  • Securely view sensitive data to which they have been authorized (and nothing more). 
  • Create customer solutions based on energy usage or demographic trends, while considering conditions like loading, energy patterns, smart meter data, solar insolation, etc. 
  • Access data that is strictly controlled by the energy company. 
  • Create and market tailored solutions and services for energy companies’ customers based on analytics.
  • Access, ingest, blend, visualize and analyze geographic, demographic, grid, and smart meter information.
  • Access and view privacy-protected and utility-obfuscated datasets.
  • View demographic data, such as Solar PV potential, EV mindedness, commute data, social preferences, usage patterns, and more.
Fully customizable views of non-PII demographics, such as EV buying potential or social data.

Fully customizable views of non-PII demographics, such as EV buying potential or social data.

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