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30 years of innovation and counting...

Intertrust solutions are uniquely suited to today’s distributed computing environments. From IoT to the cloud, our products ensure the security, privacy, and policy enforcement required for trusted data sharing and governance.

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Victor Shear founds the company

Initially called Electronic Publishing Resources (EPR) Incorporation, the company’s name was changed to Intertrust Technologies in 1996.



Intertrurst files the Big Book patent

The patent represented a seminal invention in the history of secure computing; it was approved two years later.



Intertrust goes public

The IPO in October raised $135 million. Earlier that year Intertrust collaborated with business partners and created a proprietary digital currency system.



Files lawsuit against Microsoft

Intertrust filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Microsoft Corporation. The lawsuit diverted resources away from R&D underway.



Intertrust becomes privately held

The company is taken private by a joint venture involving Philips, Sony, and Stephens Inc. Talal Shamoon becomes CEO.



Settles with Microsoft

In a landmark $440 million settlement, Microsoft resolves the patent lawsuit filed by Intertrust. Intertrust co-founded the Coral Consortium with Fox, HP, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, and Sony to standardize the NEMO (Networked Environment for Media Orientation) framework.



Intertrust develops Marlin DRM software

The Marlin content protection standard is co-founded by Intertrust, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, and Sony. The Marlin group launched the open standard Marlin developer community.



Intertrust creates Seacert

A PKI service to distribute Marlin keys, Seacert is launched by Intertrust.



Intertrust acquires majority stake in whiteCryption

Intertrust gained a majority stake in application shielding and white-box cryptography company, whiteCryption, based in Latvia.



Intertrust launches ExpressPlay

Expressplay uDRM was launched and the Company invested in other key product areas, including data management company Marinexplore (now Planet OS) and offline content delivery company, Kiora.



Intertrust expands ExpressPlay

Leading video service providers in Europe, India, and China adopted ExpressPlay. Panasonic Avionics licensed ExpressPlay for inflight entertainment



New investors come onboard

WiL, a Japanese Silicon Valley Fund, and RWE, a major German utility, joined the Intertrust board.



Intertrust acquires product assets

The assets of Kiora and Planet OS were acquired by Intertrust. The Personagraph data platform was announced.



Intertrust announces its Intertrust Platform

Intertrust launched the Intertrust Platform, a trusted data platform with full interoperability and data exchange capabilities for corporate data stores.



Origin Energy invests in Intertrust

The leading Australian integrated energy company, Origin Energy joined the list of Intertrust investors.



Intertrust sells whiteCryption, announces CleanGrid

The company sold whiteCryption to the mobile app security vendor Zimperium. Intertrust Platform based CleanGrid toolkit for data-driven energy applications was announced.


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