Modulus Case Study

DigiKoo: Using Modulus to Free Utility Data for Planning EV Charging Stations

Case Study

Find out how Modulus helps German utilities quickly and securely share grid data to support EV charging station planning.

Germany is in the midst of pushing towards a sustainable economy and reducing CO2 emissions. Electrification of mobility is a crucial part of this. To help encourage the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), German distribution service operators (DSOs), utilities, and municipalities are trying to rapidly grow public EV charging networks. However, they are finding that the lack of easy and quick access to grid information is significantly slowing down the siting and construction of new EV charging stations. DigiKoo, a subsidiary of the major European utility company innogy, is using Intertrust Modulus™, a trusted data rights management platform, to create an automated grid information access service that gives DSOs the ability to easily support such information requests.

Download the case study to learn about:

  • How DigiKoo’s apps help their partners plan EV charging station siting.
  • Types of grid data needed for EV charging station planning.
  • How DigiKoo uses Modulus to connect to data repositories and govern external access requests.
  • Modulus’ role in ensuring all data is shared according to German regulations, including the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)