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Meet Intertrust at 2023 Smart City Summit & Expo

March 28 - 31, 2023

Taipei, Taiwan

Booth: S715

Smart cities run on trusted data

Data is at the heart of every smart city

IoT sensors help cities and municipalities gain valuable insights to improve the  safety, efficiency,  and sustainability of our built environments.  by enabling grid planning, VPPs, inter-region transportation data sharing , health and home data sharing, etc. However, this relies on a secure and trusted foundation for sharing the data

As cities work through the social and legal ramifications of data usage rights and data privacy, technology is leading the charge for an AI revolution centered around insights fueled by data trust and interoperability. 

Regulations such as PDPA, APPI, PIPA, and GDPR are instituting controls around the private sector’s usage of personal data; at the same time, rogue actors are finding vulnerabilities in data infrastructures to breach and monetize or weaponize the data. 

Meet us at the 2023 Smart City Summit & Expo in Taipei to learn more about our platform for building data interoperability with resilient protection for smart city applications. Come see demonstrations of live applications in Germany and Korea that use our trusted data interoperability technology:

  • Digikoo/DigiPad for faster time to insight for locating EV charging stations and helping municipalities plan to meet Germany’s target of zero carbon by 2045
  • EIPGrid for setting up Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) with easy tools to manage devices and monetize data

We will also be showcasing Intertrust CleanGrid, a cloud-based data solution that enables companies like yours to securely work with different industries to create innovative IoT data-driven products. 

Meet us at Booth S715 and learn how our data privacy and interoperability solutions can help your company address the challenges of the transformative data landscape.

upcoming event