Intertrust Home brings trusted data sharing for new, unified subscriber services.

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New insights and services through data sharing.

Until now, network operators have been limited in their home service offerings because of poor data transparency in the home.

Value added services such as energy management, home security, aging in place, and health and wellness were impossible due to a lack of trusted data.

The next wave of multi-party home IoT
products and services

With the exception of a few large companies with closed ecosystems, there’s been no way to enable trusted data sharing across devices in the vast home IoT landscape.

This all changes with Intertrust Home: a trusted, scalable, and privacy-protected solution enabling operators across verticals to partner and provide their customers with easy-to-use, innovative, unified services.

Increase revenue
and reduce churn for service operators

Telcos and energy, health, insurance and product/service providers can collaborate to create innovative home IoT products— with full GDPR/CCPR compliance.

Better data protection and control with unified home IoT and video

Operators gain full data governance and interoperability with persistent data and trust protection for home IoT data and video.

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