Overcome industrial IoT trust challenges

Protect data and devices across the industrial IoT infrastructure.

IoT data and device management is critical to Industrial IoT performance for production and delivery. However, device security and data trust are not prioritized over cost, power consumption, and battery life.

Fortunately, Intertrust is here to help multiparty industrial IoT ecosystems maintain the security of these diverse networks.

Consequences of unprotected IoT devices

Serious cybersecurity risks to IoT devices, such as malware, denial of service attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, unauthorized access, privacy violation, and lack of security updates.

Industry regulation is driving a zero trust architecture

Preparing for industry regulation readiness means establishing organization-wide data security and privacy practices. Organizations should define the data they have and map that data flow. They should also establish a data security and privacy function.

How are robust device identities maintained?

Today’s PKI is complex, it requires specialized skills and resources to ensure successful deployment and management. Many organizations instead rely on managed PKI services to handle their PKI infrastructure.


Manage and govern the collection, storage,
and use of data in industrial settings

Intertrust enables organizations to maintain strict data and device governance, IoT device authenticity, and trust in the data itself. This enables the sharing of data and data analytics with your trusted partners across industrial IoT ecosystem.

Ensure trusted data interoperability and privacy

  • Maintain authentic device identities on site or in the field
  • Create protected data pathways across internal and external data sources
  • Safely share data with a network of authorized Industrial IoT partners

Provide visibility across disparate IoT environments

  • Control data in real time across all sources, with flexible access and provisioning
  • Securely update firmware, identities, attributes to control access and actions
  • Easily integrate with embedded devices and advanced analytics

Facilitate regulatory compliance

  • Manage a robust audit trail to demonstrate compliance
  • Apply unified data governance across multiple data sources
  • Conform to general and industryspecific regulations, standards, and guidelines

Intertrust Platform for industrial IoT

The Intertrust Platform uses modern cryptography technology that is resilient in the face of even the most advanced attacks.

We protect data in transit and protect data at rest in hostile or zero-trust environments. After your data crosses into a VPN gateway, it still remains secure for later use such as reporting or Industrial IoT analytics. This true end-to-end overlay of trusted data protection gives Industrial IoT managers:

  • Trusted commands and authorizations
  • Edge-trusted audit logs
  • Assured communications with uncompromised entities
  • Digital twin and firewall for legacy brownfield devices and systems

Create trusted data and IoT ecosystems

Let the experts at Intertrust show you how to embed secure identities so that devices can safely authenticate, communicate, interact, and evolve within complex Industrial IoT environments throughout their lifecycle.

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