EIPGRID and Intertrust Announce Trusted Energy-as-a-Service Offering for Telecommunications Operators

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Secure “Virtual Power Plant (VPP)” system to deliver sustainable, efficient, green electrons to power-hungry, multi-vendor network equipment.

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain — February 28, 2023 — Intertrust, the world’s leading trusted distributed computing and rights management technology provider, and EIPGRID, a leader in distributed energy resource management, today announced a new Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) system for telecommunications operators seeking to lower soaring energy bills, cut carbon emissions, and increase their sustainability footprint. 

According to the GSM Association’s energy efficiency report, globally, telecommunications operators’ network operations consume 2 – 3% of the world’s energy annually. This produces an estimated 585 million tons of CO2 per year.  Solutions that mitigate this problem not only help lower carbon emissions but translate into significant operating expense reduction for operators. 

The EIPGRID-Intertrust service enables telecommunications operators to analyze energy usage across cell towers and other network equipment from multiple vendors while reducing energy consumption. The EaaS system also provides the best electricity at the best rates by leveraging EIPGRID’s advanced AI capabilities and Intertrust’s world-class XPN™ technology. In addition, the system protects and manages network performance and user data in compliance with strict utilities and data privacy regulations. Moreover, the EaaS persistently defends networks and users against malicious attacks from its endpoints to the cloud.

“Operators today spend billions on electricity to run 5G and other infrastructure because telecommunications network equipment was designed for an era of inexpensive electricity,” said Tony Lee, Founder and CEO of EIPGRID. “Ultimately, consumers are left bearing these costs, which also generate vast amounts of harmful carbon emissions. Our platform provides efficient, clean energy precisely for these settings.” 

Unlike other solutions, the EIPGRID-Intertrust EaaS  provides trusted, AI-driven, Virtual Power Plant (VPP) services to reduce energy consumption and deliver the most cost-effective energy at any given point in time, including electricity stored in local storage batteries.

Additional benefits of the EIPGRID-Intertrust EaaS system include:

  • Works agnostically across any network equipment from any vendor. The EIPGRID-Intertrust solution provides energy data management in a neutral and objective way on the network operator’s behalf. Other energy management systems provided by network equipment makers collect data from their competitors, introducing conflicts of interest where vendors are managing power on competitors’ devices.
  • Provides end-to-end security and authentication from network device to telecommunication service to energy provider, and interoperates across vendor PKI infrastructure using Intertrust PKI and XPN.
  •  Delivers trusted and authenticated carbon offset reports to partners and regulators for accurate ESG reporting. 

One of the main challenges to reducing energy consumption in telecommunications networks is the collection of data and sending of control signals between multiple vendors’ equipment. The EIPGRID-Intertrust solution is a neutral, secure, and vendor-agnostic system that protects data and interests across the entire telecommunications network ecosystem.

“Data management and security are core issues in network management,” said Talal G. Shamoon, Intertrust CEO. “In telecom energy management, the problem is compounded not only by cross-vendor operations, but also by interoperability challenges between energy companies, device makers, regulators and operators. Intertrust Platform threads this needle precisely and allows EIPGRID’s VPP AI to work like charm.” 

Intertrust is exhibiting at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at booth CS 110.

Overview of the EIPGRID – Intertrust trusted Energy-as-a-Service offering



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