South Korean Energy Giant, GS Energy, Joins Energy Majors as a Founding Member of the Trusted Energy Interoperability Alliance (TEIA)

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Open Standard for secure energy IoT and data interoperability is critical to mastering the decarbonization challenge and the energy and mobility transition

Seoul, South Korea and San Francisco, CA — October 10, 2023 — GS Energy, the energy holdings company under the Korean conglomerate GS Group, and the Trusted Energy Interoperability Alliance (TEIA), the open standards organization developing secure interoperability standards for internet connected energy services, today announced that GS Energy is joining TEIA as a Founding Member. Founded in June of 2023 by E.ON SE, Intertrust, JERA, and Origin Energy, TEIA’s goal is to provide standards for security and interoperability for energy-related devices and data services.

“Open technology standards are essential for the rapid deployment of digital energy services and devices,” said Hak Min Kim, head of DX Lab and vice president of GS Energy. “As a leading energy company, we expect a high degree of security and operational excellence but also freedom of choice when procuring the best digital technology and hardware. We look forward to working with our co-founders to drive TEIA into the market.”

As the entire energy world is going digital in the face of climate change and intermittent renewable energy, OT/IT convergence, cybersecurity, vendor lock, and consistency of service have become major challenges. The problem is compounded by the extensive use of AI to manage energy usage, which requires interoperability and security at all levels. TEIA provides an open, level playing field in which devices and services from different vendors – including wind turbines, grid equipment, energy storage systems, heat pumps, and thermostats – can communicate with each other securely without needing bilateral proprietary cooperation.

Cameron Briggs, chairman of the TEIA Management Committee stated, “On behalf of the TEIA Management Committee we welcome GS Energy as a Founder. GS Energy’s position in Korea and around the world in both oil and gas and electrical power systems, and South Korea’s position in IoT and digital energy technologies, makes them a great partner in the digital transformation of the energy sector.”

TEIA is open for membership to any party active in the digital energy domain. For more information about TEIA membership, please visit www.trusted-energy.org.


About GS Energy: GS Energy Corporation was established as the energy holding company of GS Group in 2012. Currently, GS Energy is actively engaged in the development of overseas resources, particularly in the Middle East, and is taking the lead in improving the energy self-sufficiency rate and energy security of Korea, which has limited domestic resources. Furthermore, GS Energy has established an “LNG Value Chain” encompassing LNG imports, the operation of LNG regasification terminals, and electric power and district heating business utilizing LNG as fuel, reinforcing its capabilities.

In addition, in order to contribute to the realization of a carbon-neutral society through energy transition, GS Energy will continuously explore new businesses that incorporate new energy technologies, establishing an “EV Charging Value Chain” and promoting the development of a closed loop system for waste EV battery recycling business and thus achieve sustainable growth.

About TEIA: TEIA, the Trusted Energy Interoperability Alliance, is a global organization that develops open standards to ensure digital security and interoperability in the energy industry. Founded by E.ON SE, GS Energy, Intertrust, JERA and Origin, TEIA’s trust model enables a more decarbonized energy future through the broad adoption of trusted digital energy applications. TEIA is open to participation from all companies and organizations active in the digital energy ecosystem. Find further information at https://www.trusted-energy.org/.

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