Intertrust Launches Personagraph’s Secure Marketing Platform

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By Chad Glenn


Sunnyvale, CA— January 18, 2017, Intertrust Technologies Corporation announces the next generation of its Personagraph private marketplace for advertisers and digital marketers. Personagraph is a data-driven, programmatic technology that converts both shared and contextual consumer data into knowledge that media buyers and sellers will use to unite consumers with the brands they love.

Personagraph has built one of the world’s largest data platforms comprising a staggering 1.5B users globally. The platform combines big data and machine learning technologies with Intertrust’s world-class digital rights management (DRM) and secure systems technology. When combined, this platform provides insights while protecting user privacy. Critically, the underlying partner data remains secure and protected.

The Personagraph platform has two components:

  • The PG Edge trusted data management platform (DMP) securely manages multi-party data. It pairs user authorization, authentication, and security management with advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. PG Edge is available both as a stand-alone SaaS (software as a service) or as a white label product.
  • The PG Axis private marketplace for mobile app inventory. PG Axis uses a publisher’s audience profiles (e.g. demographics, context, and behavior) to enable precision advertising. PG Axis works with comScore data to improve in-target performance of advertising campaigns.

“Comparable, cross-platform audience metrics are only becoming more essential for media buyers,” said Dan Hess, executive vice president of products at comScore. “We’re pleased to see companies like Personagraph provide advertisers with the tools they need to effectively reach the right people across platforms including mobile devices, through which content consumption continues its strong growth.”

“Built on the PG Edge DMP, PG Axis delivers an advanced integrated private marketplace (PMP) and real-time bidding (RTB) stack for mobile ads,” said Shubhasheesh Anand, vice president of Advertising at Personagraph. “Brands and agencies can set up targeted segments on any demand-side platform (DSP) using publisher data. PG Axis’ ad auction uses advanced machine learning algorithms for third-party identity data that publishers can use to create a better ad experience for their audiences and better audience intelligence.”

Intertrust is showcasing PG Axis at AdExchanger’s Industry Preview January 18-19, 2017 in New York.