Intertrust Mentioned in Japanese Article about Digitization in the Energy Industry

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Intertrust and its partner the European utility innogy were mentioned in a Japanese article entitled “The Energy Industry Also Faces ‘A Sense of Crisis Regarding GAFA,’ With Digitalization, What Will Change?” (in Japanese). Written by Takanori Tomozawa, a researcher at Stanford University, and Naoki Ando, a graduate student at the University of California San Diego, the article was published in Business+IT as well as Yahoo! Japan.

In the article, the authors discuss how Silicon Valley has driven digitalization, also known as the fourth industrial revolution, and how it has impacted a number of industries. This trend is now hitting the energy industry. innogy is described as aiming to be a “data-driven energy business,” and investing in startups as well as Intertrust to further that goal. Specifically, innogy and Intertrust are mentioned as creating a platform to utilize energy data with the goal of making it an asset for the company.

The original article (in Japanese) can be accessed here

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