Intertrust Planet OS Launches View2020 Climate Data Tracker Initiative

As Pollution Falls Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, View2020 Unites Planetary Signals to Track Environmental Changes. Dashboards, Trackers, and Visuals Help Observers, Policymakers, Academics, Scientists, and Businesses Track Progress on Environment and the Energy Transition.

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SAN FRANCISCO—April 30, 2020—Intertrust has launched Planet OS View2020, an interactive website that tracks environmental conditions with visualizations of time varying metrics. As pollution falls amid the coronavirus pandemic, View2020 offers observers, policymakers, academics, scientists, and businesses an opportunity to define a planetary baseline for a healthy environment and a set of metrics that can be used to clearly measure human impact on the environment when the world goes back online.

Today, View2020 highlights the complex mix of atmospheric particulate matter (PM), nitrogen dioxide concentrations, and carbon monoxide emissions. Intertrust will add additional data and associated visualizations that highlight a broader set of environmental trends. Intertrust also announced Planet OS View2020 Community, a data sharing capability where everyone from climate scientists and policy makers to industrial organizations and bird watchers can share and analyze data. The goal of the View2020 service is to create an open platform that can track progress on international and national environmental goals and educate the public on progress towards an improved climate. Insights drawn from View2020 can lead to better-informed decisions and planning, sustainable investing benchmarking, and energy transformation programs.

“Decisive action on climate change is impeded by a lack of cooperation and actionable data,” said Talal G. Shamoon, chief executive officer at Intertrust. “The climate and ecological crises are overwhelming in scale and complexity, making it extremely difficult to make measurable strides in the short-term. Our goal with View2020 is to help create a catalyst toward reducing, mitigating, and eliminating the negative effects of human activity on global ecosystems.”

View2020 is built on Intertrust’s Planet OS Datahub, an open platform that allows users to share and work with multidimensional environmental datasets. It offers single API access to datasets from many of the world’s most respected repositories of large-scale weather, climate, and environmental data. To join the Planet OS View2020 Community including recommending and sharing data, please contact [email protected]

Planet OS View2020 demonstrates Intertrust’s commitment to providing a way for enterprises and other data-driven organizations to strike a balance between sharing and controlling data. Using technology from Intertrust, companies can build a secure data management and interoperability layer between datasets and data users, providing access to the data itself without compromising the privacy or anonymity of data sourced from billions of sensors and connected devices. This allows them to protect the integrity of data subjects—and remain in compliance with a growing body of regulatory mandates—while sharing, trading, and selling data and data-derived insights within an organization, with partners and analytics providers, and even with competitors.

The Planet OS View2020 interactive world map provides the ability to choose an air pollutant listed in the left menu to view the corresponding visualized maximum monthly average. The lighter the color shade, the less amount of pollutant reported. The interactive slider at the bottom of the map can be used to cycle through historical monthly averages over time. Interactive maps of the US, Europe, and China showing the same values for states, countries, and provinces respectively also can be accessed.

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