NxtPort International and Intertrust to Revolutionize Supply Chain Security with Digital Port Platform

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By Team Intertrust


Digital platform enables global operators to track, authenticate, and manage IoT enabled ports with a combination of IT/OT services – essential to the expansion of the Hydrogen/Ammonia and LNG value chain.  

Antwerp and San Francisco  — October 5, 2023 —  Intertrust, the world’s leading provider of security and interoperability technologies for distributed IT/OT services, today announced a partnership with digital platform operator NxtPort International, that will deliver a secure platform for increased transparency and automation for IoT-enabled ports. The partnership will enable global port operators to securely integrate multi-party digital data services and IoT devices made by different manufacturers, such as sensors and cameras, into their ports. The platform will allow ports around the world to establish data-driven operations based on reliable data – an essential function for today’s fast-paced shipping system of essential fuels from LNG to Hydrogen and Ammonia.  

“The global shipping system is essential to the world economy and is the epitome of interoperability,” said Intertrust CEO, Talal G. Shamoon. “As ports go digital, data interoperability and secure IoT device operations are mission critical, and we look forward to working with NxtPort International to ensure open and secure data-driven operations.”

The NxtPort International platform will allow port operators to combine and secure confidential and public data into a single intelligent system. This will enable faster and smoother decision making and by transmitting timely command information to sensors and devices at the port. Using Intertrust’s Platform technology, port operators can choose from a wide range of devices that enable third party AI to operate securely and reliably on a digital twin of any given port, allowing all value chain participants (such as shipping companies, port operators, energy companies), to enjoy reliable, up-to-the minute, trusted access to optimized, effective operations.

“AI and IoT devices provide a bonanza to port operators, yet proprietary formats, data regulations and confidentiality provisions make interconnecting these technologies a nightmare,” said Geert De Wilde, CEO of NxtPort International. “Intertrust allows us to make all of these technologies sing together in a single platform, while giving our customers the ability to choose the best device and AI for any given job.”

About Intertrust
Intertrust, a pioneer and innovator in the field of trusted distributed computing, creates solutions to persistently protect IoT services and data assets—in transit, in use, and at rest. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, with development centers in India and Estonia, Intertrust develops and licenses its technologies for IoT, AI and Web3. Its digital rights management (DRM) technology continues to revolutionize the entertainment industry, and paves the way for today’s video and music streaming services and Web3 marketplaces. The company’s digital energy management (DEM) solution uses the same secure IoT and data interoperability techniques to help energy companies with decarbonization, grid modernization and operations automation. For more information, visit us at intertrust.com, or follow us on Linkedin, X or Facebook.

About NxtPort International:
In 2021, NxtPort International was launched in Antwerp. The NxtPort International platform is an API-first data exchange solution designed to meet the needs of both private and public stakeholders in the supply chain. Its proven track record of reliability and security is exemplified in its successful implementation at the Port of Antwerp Bruges. Complemented by its built-in marketplace, the platform provides swift and secure onboarding of industry partners and solutions providers offering the possibility to standardize data, ensuring uniformity and consistency across the board in supply chain processes. Serving 4 continents (Europe, Asia, Americas & Oceania) and available in different logistics hotspots connecting all stakeholders in the ecosystem. NxtPort is enabling connectivity through trusted data sharing, digital vaults in multiple ecosystems and industry knowledge will expedite value creation in ports through advanced digitalization and collaboration.