Intertrust Announces General Availability of XPN™ Technology for Persistent Trust of IoT Data and Devices

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Intertrust Platform XPN is mission critical technology for secure Zero-Trust IoT deployments

SAN FRANCISCO  — January 6, 2023 Intertrust, the world’s leading trusted distributed computing and rights management provider, today announced the general availability of its zero-trust networking Intertrust Platform feature XPN™ (Explicit Private Networking) technology. XPN offers persistent protection and secure processing for data and executables whether in transit, processing, or at rest, unlike VPN technology. With XPN, sensitive data never leaves the secure environment unless its owner chooses.  

In this latest release, XPN provides:

  • Persistent Data Protection (PDP): PDP assures integrity and authenticity of data across untrusted network links and insecure gateways commonly found in field area networks with limited security.
  • Command Authorization Framework: XPN users can leverage this framework to securely send protected commands from a cloud server to an IoT device.
  • MQTT & HTTP/S support: Support for the most widely deployed IoT protocols.
  • Device Security Attestation support: Allows XPN-enabled IoT devices to transmit an Entity Attestation Token (EAT) attesting to the device’s security posture and configuration before communicating with it. 
  • Enhanced security for legacy devices: To ensure sufficient security when communicating with devices that lack appropriate hardware security, XPN supports Zimperium’s zKeyBox whitebox encryption software security technology.
  • Multi-platform Interoperability: XPN supports Linux, Windows, and FreeRTOS (both real-time and high level operating system versions).

“Today’s XPN launch brings the world’s first IoT-optimized messaging protocol with the data protection needed for true, trusted, ubiquitous-edge and deep-edge computing,” said Julian Durand, Intertrust’s Vice President, Product Management and Chief Information Security Officer. “XPN gives IoT adopters critical features to navigate zero trust networks and comply with an ever-increasing number of regulatory requirements.”


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