Yengage Selects Intertrust’s Personagraph Consumer Data Platform to Drive its Targeted Advertising Operations

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By Team Intertrust


Sunnyvale CA – March 13, 2018, Intertrust Technologies Corporation and Yengage Corp., today announced that Yengage will use Intertrust’s Personagraph consumer data platform to power its digital advertising operations. Founded and run out of Silicon Valley, Yengage is a subsidiary of Japan’s D.A.Consortium Inc., or DAC. DAC is one of the largest media buying companies in Japan. Yengage’s main business is to drive media demand to Asian mobile apps – their operations are based and focused primarily on the American market today. Yengage will use Intertrust’s Personagraph platform, with its vast mobile device data population to target ads to its portfolio of apps in the US and Asian market.

“We’re delighted to power Yengage’s digital media platform with Personagraph,” said Talal G. Shamoon, Intertrust’s chief executive officer. “We built Personagraph to help advertising media sales companies like Yengage, and our partnership is the perfect example of specialists working together to bridge markets.”

Intertrust Personagraph has hundreds of millions of unique mobile IDs from around the world. Intertrust gathered these data from numerous sources and stores them in a secure, programmable, trusted data rights management platform. Intertrust’s decades of expertise in secure systems and trusted computing have produced a unique platform that provides insights and targeting capabilities in a manner that respects consumer privacy and the business integrity of its data providers.

“We chose Personagraph to power our service because of its surgical targeting capabilities and its attention to security and privacy, we aim to serve American agencies targeting US and Asian mobile apps, and we must provide our agency partners with the highest quality targeting and brand integrity,” said Toru Miyata, Yengage’s chief executive officer and founder.