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Intertrust Audit Reporting

All actions within the Platform are recorded as immutable audit records, including privilege grants, data access requests, and workload deployments. Security auditors can review and report on activity as needed for compliance.

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Data analytics for parametric insurance

Learn how Intertrust Platform Audit Reporting helps insurance companies with secure third-party audits.

Intertrust Audit Reporting

Demonstrating compliance can be time consuming and costly. Meeting a set of requirements, by means of evidence, can be no small feat, whether that is demonstrating compliance with a policy, procedure, or regulation. 

You no longer have to struggle to prove compliance or verify trustworthiness with a customer, partner, or regulatory body.  With Intertrust Audit Reporting, all actions are recorded and stored as immutable audit records and are fully reportable with a level of assurance that auditors require. Operate with a new level of trust, assurance, and transparency.

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Focus on the data, not the data preparation

Don’t be encumbered or derailed by data discovery and preparation tasks.

Use our audit service to capture all event and audit records automatically.

Stay transparent and trusted

  • Give only authenticated and authorized auditors access to permitted data
  • Gain a full, up-to-date, and accurate picture of your organization’s queries, deployments, and data activities
  • Track changes with time-stamped details of system requests and events
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Demonstrate compliance across your business

  • Query, view, and report on system activities across the platform
  • Review and report on activity as needed for compliance
  • Get updated reports when new records are added
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Get a granular level of insight into your data

  • Filter, sort, and save reports, then share securely via customizable dashboards
  • Identify operational inefficiencies
  • Improve business operations
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Intertrust Audit Reporting allows automotive companies to comply with customer data access requirements, enabling a trusted data exchange ecosystem with fine-grained authorization and authentication.

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Smart cities

Smart city planners and officials are turning to Intertrust to help create a trusted data exchange ecosystem that can allow secure data collaboration, aggregation, virtualization, and governance tools.

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Intertrust  enables E.ON  to manage data operations around their mission-critical electrical grid data and share  it seamlessly with multiple stakeholders in the energy ecosystem in an agile process, with the best data security practices.

Develop predictive analytics models and share with trusted partners

One of the world’s largest automakers is using Intertrust Platform to create a trusted data exchange ecosystem that enables collaboration with partners for innovative application development.


Robust in-house application development without data warehousing.

Full control over entities sharing and using internal data.

Full adherence to data governance and access management policies.

Full audit reporting for data privacy compliance.

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Governed data analytics environments on virtualized datasets

Unlike data warehouses or data lakes, the Intertrust Platform does not require data to be moved or copied. The Platform centralizes governance over any connected data source.

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