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Intertrust Secure Execution Environments

Secure sandbox environments to run data processing models, algorithms, and programs while safely sharing business insights.

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Governed data analytics environments on virtualized datasets

Learn how Intertrust enables easy collaboration with internal or external stakeholders.

Securely run workflows and enable third-party analytics development

Intertrust Secure Execution Environments are scalable network-protected clusters. They are designed for complex, resource-intensive data processing. Multiple independent environments can be deployed in parallel.

With Intertrust Secure Execution Environments, data owners can let trusted parties process their data-assets without the risk of data or IP theft, discover business insights, and create new revenue streams.

Securely run workflows and enable third-party analytics development

Build, deploy, and share your models, risk-free

Use secure, role and rule-based access controlled isolated sandboxes for running compute workloads. Ensure complete data control, protection, and privacy. Deploy models, algorithms, and datasets and share your work with pre-authorized users.

Designed for data science

  • Run servers and build or import programs, models, code files, data files, or libraries.
  • Collaboratively create, run, and share models on permitted datasets.
  • Allow sharing and collaboration between privileged users.
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Set fine-grained user access controls

  • Give only successfully authenticated and authorized requestors access to permitted data.
  • Allow data owners to control row- and column-level access to critical data.
  • Allow only privileged users to create a cluster with required resources.
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Customizable protected workflow environments

  • Run jobs in network-protected and isolated clusters.
  • Block all communications between deployments.
  • Customizable policies to control data ingress and egress.
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Secure Execution Environments in action

Along with Data Virtualization and Identity and Access Management, Intertrust Secure Execution Environments provide the core data operations for automotive, energy, utilities, smart city planning, and other verticals.

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Intertrust Secure Execution Environments work on governed and virtualized datasets and enable the development and deployment of data science models that predict customer traffic at automobile service centers.

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Smart cities

Cities and municipalities (e.g., Cologne, Germany) collaborate with automakers and local utilities to predict, plan, and optimize city infrastructure planning, such as locations for new EV chargers or new solar PV rooftops.

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Some of the world’s largest energy utilities (e.g., E.ON) optimize and accelerate EV charger planning and installations using Intertrust Platform to enable hundreds of data owners to securely collaborate on disparate datasets.

Develop predictive analytics models and share with trusted partners

A large automaker is using Intertrust Secure Execution Environments to collaborate with their partners to develop innovative applications.


Robust in-house application development without data warehousing.

Full control over entities sharing and using internal data.

Full adherence to data governance and access management policies.

Full audit reporting for data privacy compliance.

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