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Every Bit Matters

The Modulus™ Platform enables trusted data exchanges between businesses and partners. Designed from the ground up for organizations with sensitive, large datasets, Modulus lets you secure, govern, and monetize data, across any cloud service or infrastructure — regardless of format. It’s time to work beyond silos and unlock a new era of business collaboration.

The platform for data‑driven business

Businesses today depend on data to improve workflows, run more efficiently, and discover new opportunities. Modulus enables you to build data-driven services tailored to your industry. Securely share data within organization, with partners, and even with competitors.


Modulus facilitates inter-organization collaboration. Easily share data whether its stored on-premise, or in a cloud-service such as AWS, Azure, Ali Cloud, or Google Cloud.

Data Management

Modulus supports even the most complicated enterprise policy and privacy regimes. Our Policy Graph™ tool allows you to manage complex relationships through a graph-based framework.

Trusted Data

Securely manage data exchanges between partners, analytics vendors, and service providers to unlock new value in your data.

Build Innovative
Business Models

From app stores to plug-in analytics to data marketplaces, Modulus enables you to build data-driven services tailored to your industry.

Modulus is built to be trusted

Persistent Protection

Data is persistently protected in a secure container, even when shared over the Internet or an open platform. Our Traveling Trusted Computation tool ensures that analytics always go to the data, so that your data never leaves its container.

Robust Privacy Assurance

A neutral enabler of data exchanges, Modulus does not sell or monetize client data. We are a security company at our core.

Tools for Compliance

Do more with data, while complying with privacy regulations such as the GDPR. Modulus supports features such as pseudonymization, tokenization, encryption of PII, subject rights management, and privacy-preserving auditing.


Make the leap to digital

In every industry, IoT device management, privacy, and security are major strategic issues. Modulus enables enterprises and their partners to exchange information and build value in unprecedented ways without compromising the integrity of the underlying data.


Modulus Datasheet

Your data. Your rules.
Take full control of your data.

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Modulus Case Study

DigiKoo—Using Modulus to Free Utility Data for Planning EV Charging Stations

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