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5 ways PKI can secure home IoT

Using PKI-based device identities to create a trusted ecosystem

The Internet of Things (IoT) is radically transforming how we work and live. Smart thermostats, washing machines, and door locks bring homeowners new levels of control and convenience. Meanwhile, the proliferation of connected devices is disrupting today’s market—with the advantage going to innovators and those who can keep up.

This rapid transformation brings increased risk both for consumers and suppliers. How can you be sure that the data you receive is coming from a genuine IoT device? Without proper security and trusted device identities, IoT technology will not live up to its potential. 

To learn more about IoT device security and how to build a secure connected device ecosystem, watch our on demand webinar, hosted by Bill Horne and Prateek Panda.

Discover the importance and complexity of trusted device identities, and the ways that a PKI-based approach can help. You’ll learn:  

  • The components and roles of a device identity
  • How to create trust between connected devices and the services they connect to
  • How to ensure secure identities in untrusted factory environments
  • How to keep costs low and scalability high
  • And more!

Webinar hosts

Bill Horne

Bill Horne leads Intertrust’s Secure Systems division, responsible for the company’s application focused suite of products and device identity PKI services. He has published more than 50 peer-reviewed articles on topics of security and machine learning and has 33 granted and 44 pending patents to his name.

Prateek Panda

Prateek Panda is Director of Product Marketing at Intertrust Technologies and leads global marketing for Intertrust’s device identity solutions. Prior to Intertrust, he served as CMO and founder of a cybersecurity company with products in the mobile application security space.