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Planning clean transportation fueling using CleanGrid

The road to clean transportation

As EV adoption becomes increasingly mainstream, consumers and fleets want to increase the availability of EV charging points as quickly as possible. But installing an EV charging point is more challenging than simply plugging in some equipment. Charging point installation needs to be coordinated with the utility to ensure that the grid can support the new load, especially at scale. 

Watch the webinar now to learn:

  • How Clean Fuels Ohio is using Intertrust’s CleanGrid platform to assist the Ohio Turnpike in planning alternative fuel and EV charging stations along the I-80 corridor in Ohio
  • How the CleanGrid platform enables Clean Fuels Ohio and its partners to securely exchange data and accelerate the EV charging point installation process
  • How CleanGrid enables identification of priority locations where stations are needed and the infrastructure exists to support their deployment
  • And more!