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Harnessing data to optimize wind generation

How to improve O&M efficiency, boost power outputs, and reduce costs

Offshore wind farms process immense amounts of data, including real-time performance information coming from turbine SCADA systems, general weather reports, industrial sensor data from marine systems, and more. Having an integrated approach to collect, harmonize, visualize, and make sense of all this disparate data is paramount.

Intertrust’s Powerboard™ application offers next-generation data management to help optimize on-shore and off-shore wind farm operations. Built on the Intertrust Platform, Powerboard is used by RWE Renewables, one of the world’s largest operators of renewable energy and offshore wind power.

Watch the webinar now  to learn about: 

  • Identifying and addressing common challenges preventing efficient and secure data operations
  • The business case for agile data
  • Intertrust’s work with RWE Offshore Renewables
  • And more!