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Trusted home IoT data exchanges

Enabling Secure Home IoT Data Operations with Livisi and Intertrust

Opening the door to a smarter connected future

How to consolidate and secure data-driven home IoT services

The modern home is filled with smart, connected products. These smart networks, thermostats, security systems, doorbells, and even vacuum cleaners generate data to help with energy efficiency and lowered consumption and cost. But how can you help your customers keep track of all these different devices, services, and apps? And how can you ensure that their data stays safe and secure?

Livisi is a smart home platform provider dedicated to bringing smart technology and services into the lives of its customers. The Livisi platform is enabled by Intertrust’s IoT data store and governance technologies, which use secure data virtualization to enrich data interoperability between datasets from disparate devices. 

Watch our on-demand webinar, co-presented by Intertrust and Livisi, to learn more about how Livisi has partnered with Intertrust to develop new cross-industry smart services and create a trusted IoT data exchange ecosystem for more than 60,000 customers.

Watch the webinar now to discover how the Intertrust platform helps Livisi to:

  • Consolidate apps to control multiple home IoT devices
  • Consolidate databases by providing a performant and scalable data store 
  • Support the development and deployment of data-driven services, as well as third-party collaboration
  • And more!

About Livisi:

Livisi (a subsidiary of innogy, and now part of E.ON) has been a global pioneer in smart home technologies—such as smart thermostats for household energy management—for over a decade. Livisi’s portfolio includes over one million devices and sensors connected in 60,000 households, supporting over 300,000 SmartHome controllers and collecting 150GB of data a day. Since 2018, Livisi has also provided B2B services, offering device connectivity (e.g. for gateways, sensors) and a data platform backed to leading electronic retailers, device manufacturers, distributors, insurance companies, and others. 

Webinar hosts

Chris Kalima

As VP of Product Management at Intertrust, Chris Kalima is responsible for the company’s data platform products.

Olaf Schindler

As CEO of Livisi, Olaf is leading the charge in rolling out an open IoT ecosystem. Olaf has more than 14 yrs of experience in developing data-driven business models and disruptive platform concepts within various segments. He has recently been appointed to consult the German government on all things IoT and transparent data applications.

Daniel Niehues

Daniel operates as Senior Smart Home Solution Architect within Livisi and is one of our key UX & Usability experts. He has 8+ yrs under his belt developing market leading residential IoT & smart home products and services.