Optimize and Innovate: Agile Data Operations for Renewables

The 2021 online Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum provided leading insights for both developers and operators looking to exploit new market opportunities and improve operational efficiency in wind turbine sensor data and Wind O&M. 

Watch Intertrust’s presentation from the event and learn: 

  • How to identify and address common challenges preventing efficient and secure data operations.
  • The business case for agile data: improve, optimize, innovate.
  • More about Intertrust’s work with RWE Offshore Renewables


Chris Kalima
VP of Product Management

Chris Kalima is the VP of Product Management at Intertrust Technologies Corporation, where he is responsible for the company’s data platform products. A firm believer in the transformative power of data, Chris has spent the past five years working closely with large enterprise customers in the energy, insurance, and automotive industries, helping them launch new data-driven products and solutions. Prior to joining Intertrust, Chris worked at Planet OS, where he helped deliver an open API for the world’s weather and climate data. Recognized as an innovative solution by the United Nations at their inaugural Solutions Summit, the Planet OS Datahub streamlines access to data from leading weather agencies, including NOAA, NASA, and ECMWF. A graduate of Harvey Mudd College, Chris holds a B.S. degree in Engineering.

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