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Intertrust’s trusted data sharing infrastructure provides utilities with quality
data management to create efficiencies and new monetization channels.


An increasingly competitive and decentralized energy landscape…

20th century utilities were heavily regulated monopolies. Energy production was centralized and operators simply focused on moving electrons around as efficiently as possible.

Today, however, deregulated markets and new competitors are driving energy providers to become true service providers. At the same time, the proliferation of the Internet and connected devices has opened new markets and possibilities for utilities and their partners.

… with some growing pains

A trillion dollar industry is built by trading on people’s private information. Huge clouds of data are forming that are full of data that can be converted into knowledge and actionable insights. However, this data contains very sensitive information. It is imperative that these clouds are trusted to avoid potential cyberattacks and privacy violations.

The utility industry needs a trusted platform that manages energy industry-related data with the goal of helping users discover and make use of valuable insights, while ensuring data privacy and integrity.

By providing a trusted infrastructure for data sharing, this platform will create a virtuous cycle benefiting all participants in the energy value chain.

Enter: The Era of Renewables

Today, utilities are increasing their investments in renewables, which require sophisticated modeling, advanced monitoring, and predictive maintenance, among other things. Data drives all of these activities, redoubling the the urgent need for a trusted big data platform. 

To meet this need, the Intertrust platform will enable data analytics and collaboration around the data with utility partners in a manner that respects the interests and concerns of the data owners (i.e., trusted computing).

A trusted big data platform for utilities, coming soon

Data increasingly drives utilities, creating an urgent need for a trusted big data platform. The Intertrust platform will enable data analytics and collaboration around the data with utility partners in a manner that respects the interests and concerns of the data owners.

From Data Sharing Problem to…

Current utility data sharing issues:

  • Too little data sharing
  • Intellectual property concerns
  • Competitive concerns
  • Data silos
  • Poor standards adoption
  • Legal complexities

A Security-Driven Solution

A trusted big data platform allows utilities to:

  • Select which data can be accessed by which partner
  • Limit access to specific data sets
  • Keep track of who accesses and uses their data

Today: toward a smarter, safer energy future

Improve energy management and secure utility data today with Intertrust solutions.

Private Data Platform

With the rollout of smart meters and the proliferation of smart thermostats and other customer energy solutions, utilities are handling increasingly large amounts of customer data. As valuable as this data is for improving energy efficiency, utilities must ensure that customer privacy is respected. Personagraph offers a cloud service to aggregate consumer sensor data, while both making it useful and protecting personally identifiable information.

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Software Application Protection

Mobile application software is increasingly becoming the touchpoint for consumers to interact with energy-related devices and data. These same mobile apps are also being used by utility employees in the field. If left unprotected, these apps can be compromised by hackers leading to possible exposure of sensitive data as well as unauthorized control of utility infrastructure. whiteCryption provides industry-leading code obfuscation so that your applications are always secure.

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Device Certificate Authority

Utility devices handle sensitive information and need to encrypt the data to ensure security and privacy. Cryptography certificates provide an essential component needed for device and software encryption. Seacert, Intertrust’s certificate authority, issues unique cryptography certificates to millions of consumer electronics and IoT devices used around the world.

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Video Content Protection

Video surveillance cameras play an indispensable role in the physical security of utility facilities and infrastructure. The ExpressPlay cloud DRM (digital rights management) system is an easy-to-use service that secures video streams and provides powerful control sharing with partners.

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DigiKoo: Using Modulus to Free Utility Data for Planning EV Charging Stations

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