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Use our secure platform for data interoperability to:

  • Raise company margins
  • Ensure data privacy and integrity
  • Analyze environmental impact

The new energy digital network

Deregulation, the rise of renewables, and the proliferation of smart devices have ushered in a new era of challenges for the energy industry, including strict business requirements, complex international regulations around sustainability, and economic turbulence. To solve these challenges while staying relevant in an increasingly competitive global market, energy companies have begun a data-driven transformation.

But energy companies are not alone in making the change to a digital approach. The need for new partnerships and global cooperation within various market sectors has never been more critical. To harness the valuable insights from their data, all of these partners need to manage the exchange of multiple energy-related datasets.

The answer? A secure data operations platform.

Modulus—driving efficiency and collaboration

The Modulus platform enables energy companies to securely collaborate and interoperate, while protecting sensitive data at all stages of its lifecycle. With Modulus, data owners and their partners can analyze shared information while respecting all IP rights and ownership interests.

Modulus allows energy companies to:

  • Select which data can be accessed by which partner
  • Limit access to specific datasets
  • Keep track of who accesses and uses their data
  • Enforce compliance with all applicable laws, such as GDPR

Energy companies worldwide use Modulus to build data exchanges, manage renewable energy data ecosystems, and enable IoT-based insurance solutions, smart home services, and virtual power plants (VPPs).

Modulus Grid Data Operations accelerate DER integration

Cities, utilities, Independent Power Producers (IPPs), project owners, and Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) companies face hurdles with multiple databases, private or public clouds, and data formats when planning for new resources to connect to the grid. Modulus allows multiple stakeholders to plan and significantly enhance the interconnection process by making data securely and seamlessly available for collaboration that:

  • Significantly reduces planning time and costs
  • Immediately calculates grid performance and cost impact, optimizing asset planning
  • Securely facilitates sharing of sensitive utility grid data
  • Implements role-based and rights-managed data access for multiple parties

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A smarter, safer energy future

Improve energy management and enable secure utility data orchestration with Modulus Grid Data Operations solutions.


Optimize your Wind Energy operations using actionable insights.

Powerboard is a visually rich cloud-based software application that combines real-time operational data, IoT data, third-party datasets, and advanced analytics to deliver interactive views for Wind Energy farms.

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Planet OS Datahub

Get reliable access to high-quality, secure earth science data.

Datahub streamlines the data integration process and reduces operational overheads, ideal for researchers, developers and scientists who depend on Earth science data for their analyses and applications.

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Device Certificate Authority

With the rollout of smart meters and the proliferation of smart thermostats and other customer energy solutions, energy companies are handling increasingly large amounts of customer data. While this data is valuable in improving energy efficiency, they must ensure that customer privacy is respected. Seacert provides device identity provisioning and managed PKI for smart cities and critical infrastructure.

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Software Application Protection

Mobile software has become the touchpoint for consumers to interact with energy-related devices and data. Mobile apps are also used by utility employees in the field. If left unprotected, these apps can be compromised by hackers, leading to possible exposure of sensitive data as well as unauthorized control of utility infrastructure and energy or environmental datasets. whiteCryption provides industry-leading code obfuscation so that your applications are always secure.

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