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Intertrust protects health and medical applications and devices from breaches and tampering

Smart technologies need smart application security

Smart technologies help healthcare organizations increase the quality of medical service, improve patient outcomes and satisfaction, and contain costs. They also bring greatly increased security risks. Comprehensive application protection is essential to safeguard your organization, your patients, and the sensitive data entrusted to you.
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Securing encrypted data and keys

Medical data collected by a monitoring device is highly sensitive and must be secured against unwarranted access to protect privacy and avoid regulatory violations. Encrypting the collected data protects it but that protection vanishes if the cryptographic key is compromised. The weakest link is the companion or proxy application running on the mobile device or desktop computer—a skilled hacker can easily extract secret keys from the application code or device memory.
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Protecting applications from tampering and reverse-engineering

Attackers analyze application code to find vulnerabilities to exploit, sensitive data and IP to steal, and keys and credentials to compromise. With this information they can manipulate the way an application works, use your source code in their own pirated application, or hijack your application to perform malicious actions such as stealing information from the mobile device, or even creating safety risks to patients’ health.
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Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Regulations such as GDPR, UL 2900-1, HIPAA, US Postmarket Management of Cybersecurity in Medical Devices, EU Medical Devices Regulation, In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Regulation, ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security, and others, require medical application vendors to protect data and establish certain processes regarding ensuring system security.

Our products to secure healthcare technologies

whiteCryption® Software Application Protection

Sensitive medical information does not only reside in medical databases; it’s handled by medical device applications, smartphone apps and other pieces of software. Like software holding any sort of sensitive data, the software should be protected from attacks by malicious actors trying to steal or tamper with code, comrpomise cryptographic keys, or expose other secrets. Learn more >

Seacert Secure Device Identities

Seacert is a scalable certificate authority and managed PKI service that specializes in device identity provisioning. Seacert has already been used to issue more than 1.5 billion secure identities to smart connected devices on the market today. Learn more >