The freedom to share data, on your terms collaborate with anyone be multi-party, multi-cloud build data-driven businesses stream the next box office hit connect everything, build anything

Securely and efficiently manage data and devices at scale, providing the freedom to build the next-generation of apps and services.

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Solutions for data security and interoperability

Grid Data Operations

Securely share and use municipal and utility data for planning EV charging stations.


Optimize your Wind Energy operations using actionable insights and IoT analytics.

PlanetOS DataHub

Streamlined access to high-quality weather, climate, and environmental data from the world’s leading providers.

Mobile app security in 2020

Learn how the state of the mobile industry is transforming the security landscape.

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Where every data exchange is secure

Share anywhere

Exchange information and collaborate confidently with internal or external partners anywhere using secure data exchanges. Work beyond silos, across clouds and across data formats with an interoperability layer that links all your diverse datasets and devices – from edge to cloud.


Keep your data safe

Traditional data security isn’t scalable, nor can it handle today’s distributed computing requirements. Intertrust provides persistent protection and data rights management so organizations (and individuals) can define exactly how their data is used and shared.


JavaScript apps just got more secure

Every time a cryptographic operation is performed in a JavaScript app, the keys are exposed for easy extraction. With whiteCryption Secure Key Box for Web, all operations are encoded and your keys and credentials are safe from attack.

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whiteCryption support & professional services

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One stop multi-CDN, multi-DRM service with packaging capabilities (Fastly)

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White Papers

Provisioning secure media device identities

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Case Studies

Major media and technology firm boosts security across its apps and devices

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Case Studies

Large European energy utility optimizes and accelerates EV charger planning and installations

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White Papers

Key protection with whiteCryption secure key box

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