new energy challenges

Improve information trust and decrease operational risk via trusted collaboration environments.

Power utilities are undergoing an accelerated digital transformation using trusted data sharing and device management to advance and prosper in today’s market.

By adopting trusted platforms to securely exchange data with numerous partners and across ecosystems, utilities are taking control of data, making it actionable, gathering insights, and developing new business models.

A new future for global energy

Today's global energy ecosystem requires open technology standards for greater interoperability and security. Intertrust's expertise in standards-based computing lead it along with major energy companies to develop the Trusted Energy Interoperability Alliance (TEIA).

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Insights through trusted data and
devices are here—be ready

Deregulation, renewables, and connected IoT systems are creating a perfect storm for today’s energy industry. Strict business requirements, competing stakeholders, and complex regulations are just a few of the challenges that lie ahead.

Organizations in the energy industry are seeking ways to make data-driven collaboration simpler, with greater interoperability, access, and security.

Intertrust Platform allows multiple stakeholders within the energy ecosystem to share and collaborate upon data without moving or copying it.

It empowers organizations to develop analytics securely in containerized environments without losing control over IP or data rights.

Drive efficiency and collaboration through protected data at rest or in transit

  • Manage multiple databases, private/ public clouds, and data formats
  • Lower soft costs and streamline deployments
  • Enable persistent data protection across hostile environments

Optimize asset planning through trusted device networks

  • Calculate grid performance and assess cost impact in real time
  • Implement trusted data sharing for specific datasets and applications
  • Easily share sensitive grid data

Facilitate governed data exchanges

  • Implement rights-managed access for multiple parties
  • Honor all data access rights, maintain data security, and manage a full audit trail
  • Ensure complete data governance and maintain GDPR protections

Intertrust Platform for energy enterprises

The Intertrust Platform uses modern cryptography technology that is resilient in the face of even the most advanced attacks.

A trusted data operations environment empowers energy companies to cooperate across industries, enterprises, regulatory bodies and individuals to remain agile and profitable.

The Intertrust Platform makes data available, interoperable, and protected at unprecedented levels. It puts you at the leading edge of trusted collaboration by:

  • Acts as a trusted third-party, allowing data owners and service providers to collaborate without exposing IP
  • Maintains control of your IoT devices and data at all times, while eliminating risk
  • Governs data where it resides, without duplication or migration—
    on-premises or in the cloud
  • Enforces authentication, authorized consent management, and audits data access to ensure compliance

Develop new markets

Your data transformed into protected insights can be easily monetized across the entire value supply chain.

Build trusted infrastructure

Access all the tools necessary to build your ideal protected data and device infrastructure under one roof.

Trusted data protection

Exabytes of data and millions of devices are trusted and protected every day by Intertrust. Let us provide trust and protect your products and IP too.


Uncovering the hidden vulnerabilities of virtual power plants

Learn how to navigate complex cybersecurity challenges for AI-based VPPs and deploy secure DERs with a trusted solution to ensure resilience and efficiency of your energy operations.


Uncovering the hidden vulnerabilities of virtual power plants

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