Making service deployment easier with one-click Docker image support

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By Team Intertrust


Earlier, we announced Intertrust Platform’s support for one-click deployments of Apache Superset and Jupyter Notebook. We’re now pleased to announce our support of one-click Docker image deployments.

With just a simple click, users can instantly deploy any Docker image, eliminating complexity and accelerating the development process.

Docker containers have transformed the way software is developed, shipped, and deployed. A Docker image simplifies the deployment process, enabling businesses to rapidly deploy applications and services, bringing greater time and cost savings.

Key benefits of the one-click Docker image deployment feature:

Unmatched speed: By eliminating the need for manual setup and configuration, one-click Docker image deployment drastically reduces deployment time. Our customers can now go from code to a fully functional application running in a Docker container within seconds.

Flexibility and versatility: We support  a wide range of Docker images. Developers now have the flexibility to deploy most any Docker-based application or service seamlessly. From web applications to databases, microservices to AI models, the possibilities are endless.

Consistency and reproducibility: By using Docker images to deploy applications to Docker containers, our customers gain consistent and reproducible deployments across various environments, minimizing the risk of discrepancies and avoiding the dreaded “it works on my machine” scenario.

Enhanced security: The isolation capabilities of Docker containers combined with Intertrust Platform’s Governed Data Fabric and Secure Execution Environment gives customers significantly enhanced security for their applications and data. The risk of vulnerabilities spreading from one application to another is greatly reduced, as is the chance of unauthorized data access and leakage, providing increased peace of mind in today’s ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.


Developers are under constant pressure to support and analyze data in a timely manner. We intend to expand our list of supported services going forward in our ever-continuing effort to accelerate your time to insight with Intertrust Platform. If you have any questions or feedback about our one-click deployments or anything else developer related, please contact us here.


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