Intertrust Platform adds iPKI cloud certificate authority for securing device identities

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Intertrust Platform is enhancing its edge-to-cloud security offering by adding iPKI, a highly scalable and flexible cloud-based certificate service. System integrators, IoT device manufacturers, automotive OEMs, developers, and other IoT ecosystem members benefit from device authentication and trusted data collaboration  technologies designed specifically for today’s burgeoning IoT market. 

iPKI leverages Intertrust’s extensive experience in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for zero trust environments. To date, Intertrust has provisioned over 2 billion devices with certificates, thereby improving secure environments for collaboration. iPKI is trusted by companies with some of the largest installations of connected devices in the world. Certified by WebTrust, the gold standard for security certification, iPKI complies fully with applicable Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standards.  

Intertrust simplifies the process to create secure device identities. The PKI signing keys for these identities can be created and installed via iPKI’s secure cloud CA. Since these keys do not have to be stored on prem, Cloud CA increases the security of the device identity provisioning process. While iPKI offers the elastic scaling and integration benefits inherent in cloud deployments, its creation and management of highly sensitive key material continues in guarded secure facilities using state of the art High Security Modules.   

Unlike other certificate providers who focus on mass deployments of simple X.509 identity certificates, iPKI specializes in the flexible provisioning of rich identities to be used as a secure foundation for all of the capabilities a device might have. Identities can be provisioned at any scale, whether in the tens or millions. iPKI’s expert PKI engineering team works with customers to customize these identities to precisely match their needs. 

To learn more about iPKI visit https://www.intertrust.com/pki-for-iot/

To learn more about Intertrust Platform visit https://www.intertrust.com/platform/


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