The Future of Film: Embracing Web3 with Intertrust MarketMaker

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By Albhy Galuten


The entertainment industry is about to change significantly, in a way we haven’t seen since digital streaming began. This change is driven by Web3 technologies, whose use promises to  to change how we use, share, and earn money from digital content. At the heart of this change is Intertrust MarketMaker, a technology that is introducing new ways to distribute and monetize films along with other media. Let’s explore some of these innovative models and how they are being applied in real-world scenarios, particularly through the pioneering efforts of award-winning director Kurosawa Kiyoshi and MarketMaker partner Nekojarashi. As described in some examples below, MarketMaker allows the implementation of a number of exciting business models, many with ongoing revenue streams and a path for the original content creators to share in the proceeds.

1. Reselling Videos

MarketMaker is leading the way in harnessing Web3 technologies to spark a new vibrant market for films. Imagine owning the rights to a digital video with the power to resell it in a legitimate marketplace. While reselling DVDs was common, these were one-off transactions without a path for content creators to share in the revenue. The digital era allows a total reimagining of the resale market. This approach not only enables fans to recoup their investment in a way that supports the artists they love and also opens up a fresh avenue for films to gain popularity through peer-to-peer recommendations and sales, revolutionizing the way we engage with and profit from movies.

2. Lending Videos

The concept of lending digital videos with controlled viewing rights breathes new life into the social aspect of movie-watching. It harkens back to the days of sharing DVDs with friends, yet with all of the convenience and control suited to the digital age.

3. Group Showings

Organizing group viewings has long been a way to foster community and shared experience. MarketMaker allows this to happen with the permission of rights holders. This model can be particularly appealing for fan clubs, movie nights, and educational settings, providing for collective enjoyment while respecting copyright.

4. Fractional Ownership

Web3 makes possible the revolutionary concept of fractional ownership, where fans can invest in a movie’s profits even before its production. This democratizes film financing, giving supporters a stake in the success of projects they believe in.

5. Special Features Sales

Special features were known as “extras” in the DVD/Blu-Ray era and enhanced the viewing experience. In the digital era, these can now be sold or bundled. This not only adds value for fans but also opens additional revenue streams for creators.

A Real-World Example: Kurosawa Kiyoshi’s Chime

A shining example of these Web3-driven distribution models in action is the global launch of Chime, a film by the celebrated director Kurosawa Kiyoshi, through an exclusive collaboration on Nekojarashi’s Digital Video Trading Platform, Roadstead.io. This initiative marks a significant milestone, as Kurosawa works with Nekojarashi and MarketMaker to pioneer the theater-to-Web3 movie distribution model.

Chime is set to debut worldwide with the issuance of a limited number of Intertrust MarketMaker Supertickets™. These Supertickets not only grant exclusive access to the film but also provide the option for owners to trade them on Roadstead.io, fostering a vibrant, fan-driven trading community. Additionally, Superticket holders gain exclusive access to Les Cuisiniers of Chime, a documentary on the movie’s creation, further enhancing the fan experience.

Kurosawa’s filmmaking approach to Chime reflects a bold step away from traditional storytelling, promising a unique and impactful viewing experience. His work with Intertrust MarketMaker is similarly innovative on the business side. This initiative illustrates the potential of Web3 technologies to transform the entertainment industry, offering a sustainable market and a new model for creators and fans to collaborate.


The integration of Web3 technologies through platforms like Intertrust MarketMaker heralds a new era for the film industry. From reselling and lending videos to fractional ownership and special features sales, these models offer a more dynamic, inclusive, and engaging entertainment landscape. Kurosawa Kiyoshi’s pioneering venture with Chime exemplifies the practical application and vast potential of these innovations, promising a future where the boundaries of film distribution and monetization continue to expand.


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