MarketMaker: A new era of trust for Web3

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Boost the potential of your Web3 marketplace.

Innovative and sustainable Web3-based business models are all possible with Intertrust MarketMaker. With a robust combination of Intertrust Token Rights Management (TRM), leading multi-DRM support, and secure NFC technologies, MarketMaker takes digital content and markets to the next level.

  • Harness the power of blockchain and smart contracts for full digital rights management within the decentralized web.

  • Take advantage of Superdistribution and direct-to-consumer distribution and ownership, channels to increase content revenue, control, and transparency.


Unlock new revenue streams for the decentralized web with TRM, including Superdistribution, fractional ownership, and more.


Prevent unauthorized duplication to protect creator properties and fan investments with advanced encryption and data protection.


Provide secure distribution of creative content across decentralized applications and major media platforms with blockchain-agnostic, multi-DRM.

”Intertrust MarketMaker empowers creators and athletes to build personal brands, directly monetize their creations, and access ongoing revenue streams without depending on intermediaries. Intertrust’s NFC-based digital twin technology allows for the protection and monetization of both digital and physical designs.”

Jesse Rademacher,
Co-founder, Madeium

Endless possibilities for your business

Building trust for the next wave of e-commerce

Join MarketMaker and experience a new era of trusted Web3 commerce.

Create markets where consumers have control over their products. A place where revenue is shared.

Music for the metaverse

Sell your work at a record store, and let fans lend a digital version to their friends in the metaverse.

Taking sports fandom
to the next level

Buy official sports merchandise with access to unique experiences and limited NFT collections for your favorite teams.

Auto-authentication for the creator economy

Interact, consume and exchange art in new ways, in a fully secure environment.

Web3 in a world of luxury

Discover a world where there is no place for counterfeits. A world where the original creations are protected.

The future is already here

  • Multi-DRM

    Intertrust ExpressPlay multi-DRM supports all major digital right management systems, enabling broader device compatibility and content distribution.

  • Fractional ownership

    With TRM, fans can have a stake in assets and projects, giving them ownership and allowing them to share the financial rewards.

  • Smart contracts

    Get cross-chain and cross-marketplace interoperability for your asset usage rules (including purchase, subscription, rental, and resale).

  • Token Rights Management

    Intertrust Token Rights Management (TRM) brings exhaustive rights management to the blockchain.

  • NFC integration

    With MarketMaker, you can easily integrate secure NFC tags with blockchain technology to create a digital twin. Blur the line between digital and physical products.

  • Secure Execution Environment

    Backed by Intertrust Platform technology, all assets uploaded and exchanged on MarketMaker are protected end-to-end by our Secure Execution Environment.

  • Superdistribution

    With MarketMaker, users can receive rewards for distributing content or assets to others, creating a more open and decentralized distribution system.

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