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Connect directly to your fans while protecting
NFT licenses and content

Web3.0 has opened phenomenal opportunities for digital media, and for the first time in history, consumers are buying rights to digital content. This has opened the door to piracy and fraudulent activity, at an unprecedented scale.

Intertrust MarketMaker™ allows creators, distributors and consumers to leverage Web3.0 to create new business opportunities around digital media, protecting rights-holder interests. It offers new ways to monetize content from traditional business models like sell through, rentals, and subscriptions, to NFTs and superdistribution. For artists and their representatives, MarketMaker supports fractional ownership, cryptocurrency, and conventional payment systems.  

NFTs and beyond

In the true spirit of the creator economy, MarketMaker allows creators to connect directly with their fans, while protecting license information and content. Beyond supporting the creator economy, MarketMaker™ enables media services providers, network operators, and NFT marketplace operators to add Intertrust’s Token Rights Management (TRM) and ExpressPlay digital rights management technology to their offering. 

Developers can use MarketMaker™ to integrate their products with preferred license management systems, including third-party blockchain-based technologies and traditional cloud-based systems.                                                                       

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Enforce owner copyrights with Intertrust ExpressPlay, our pioneering DRM technology.

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Blockchain Agnostic

Use the blockchain of your choice; our default is Flow, which supports smart contracts and powers blockchain applications like Top Shot.

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Payment Flexibility

Accept crypto or at currency payments through the third-party payment gateway of your choice.

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