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Creating Secure Device Identities White Paper

White Paper

The Internet of Things (IoT) is undergoing enormous growth, impacting how we live and how we work. Security remains an obstacle for many organizations to proceed with IoT related projects and deployments. Although the IoT security picture is complex, one fundamental component of that security puzzle is the ability to give devices and services trusted identities in order to interact within secure ecosystems of devices and services.

Seacert provides a comprehensive, cost-effective solution to this problem. It provides a fully managed PKI specializing in device identity provisioning at scale. The service has provisioned device identities to hundreds of millions of devices worldwide, and provides these services at a fraction of what it would cost to implement in house.

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  • IoT Opportunities and Challenges
  • Trusted Ecosystems for IoT
  • Device Identities
  • PKI: A Proven Solution
  • Provisioning Device Identities
  • The Seacert™ Advantage

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