Intertrust Launches CleanGrid Toolkit for Energy Data Applications

Intertrust Platform-based toolkit enables energy data tech providers and utilities to build applications that drive the clean energy transition

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San Francisco, April 1, 2021 – Intertrust today announced CleanGrid – a new Intertrust Platform™  toolkit that helps energy companies and their vendors develop data-driven energy applications. The toolkit leverages Intertrust Platform’s unique and innovative features including data virtualization and data interoperability, data governance and secure execution environments, and helps energy companies support consumer protection, data privacy, and other regulatory policies. 

Intertrust CleanGrid allows energy data tech companies, utilities, grid and smart city planners, and their partners to dramatically increase secure and trusted data access, while significantly reducing data operations costs. CleanGrid dramatically reduces the time and resources required to plan, integrate, and optimize new Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure by automating tasks in a manner that respects data protection policies.  

“Today’s grid was designed for a set of antiquated requirements that ignored climate issues and assumed electricity supply exceeding demand due to centralized generation.” said Talal G. Shamoon, Intertrust chief executive officer. “Initiatives like the Biden administration’s infrastructure plan, and related clean energy policies will bring the American grid into the 21st century, welcoming EVs and distributed renewable energy.  CleanGrid supports planners in building back quickly, while respecting data management policies that protect consumers and highly sensitive infrastructure data against cyberattack.”    

The energy transition places new requirements on existing electrical infrastructure. Increased volatility created by DERs such as wind, solar, and support for EVs requires more proactive management and additional data processing. This creates new challenges and also opportunities for energy data tech players, utilities, mobility providers, and system integrators.

Secure data collaboration between multiple parties is a critical requirement for the clean energy transition. Risk management for data collaboration is essential, necessary for guarding against breaches and providing compliance with  enterprise policy as well as privacy and data residency regulations. CleanGrid provides a software development toolkit that allows the creation of applications that securely access, ingest, blend, and create new datasets for downstream presentation, collaboration, and analysis. It enables the acceleration of grid additions or upgrade planning, allowing for faster and more collaborative approaches to actions like EV charging network planning, electrical grid data management, and regulatory management. 

CleanGrid users can adapt the toolkit to suit their needs by adding custom user interfaces and applications for various utility types and mapping systems. Alternatively, CleanGrid can be used out of the box by just adding local data. The product’s data governance features allow datasets to be protected, managed, and shared securely in accordance with policies like GDPR. The toolkit provides reference applications for various key functions, including:

EV DataOps: Graphical app that gives trusted EV charging infrastructure ecosystem partners such as municipal planners and utilities secure access to information for efficiently identifying ideal locations for EV charging stations. Users can view local grid infrastructure information in real time, calculate potential EV charger installation costs, and understand the impact of new charging stations on the grid. 

Grid DataOps: Allows utilities to securely ingest and share their grid data with internal or external stakeholders through a secure, graphical, and highly customizable interface. This includes information for DER siting and interconnection planning, analyzing the potential cost impacts of infrastructure updates, and planning for the addition of new energy loads. Information handled includes locations and specifications of low/medium/high voltage lines, substations, transformers, smart meter data, and customer electricity usage patterns. 

Retail DataOps: In a liberalized energy market, grid operators are under increased pressure to support innovative energy retail models. CleanGrid supports the creation and operation of energy retail marketplaces that market consumer solutions, which are typically operated by utilities or third-party energy retailers. Utilities expanding beyond the commodity supply of electricity are moving to these new marketplaces. A key capability of this feature is the secure management and sharing of customer permissions between solutions providers.

“CleanGrid enables the global transformation towards a carbon-free grid by allowing people to share, analyze, and communicate data within and between enterprises in ways that make the clean energy transformation easy and safe. There’s no clean energy without clean data,” said energy industry veteran Florian Kolb, Intertrust chief commercial officer and general manager of Intertrust Energy. “Regulators, utilities, cities, and their partners risk planning in silos and being blind to certain elements of the formula—making important decisions without critical data.” 

Using CleanGrid, energy data tech companies, system integrators, application developers, analytics providers, and utilities can develop easy-to-use planning and management tools. The European energy giant E.ON’s subsidiary DigiKoo is the first CleanGrid-based service in commercial operation, and provides advanced capabilities for grid planners seeking to transform their grids.

For more information, visit: https://www.intertrust.com/solutions/energy/ 

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