Virtual Operations Center (VOX)

Manage your energy portfolio at scale.

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Limitations of siloed, multi-vendor systems

Transform a fragmented, vendor-locked operational landscape into a unified, and secure AI-ready ecosystem for smart O&M. Enable seamless coordination and centralized control across multiple, distributed energy systems.

Unify OT, IT, and AI
under a single pane of glass

Shift to an open standards-based, distributed architecture, unlock site efficiencies, and enable AI-driven initiatives like predictive maintenance and virtual power plants (VPPs).

Unified data hub

Single interface for real-time visibility, data access control, and analytics across your entire organization.

Secure control

Authorized command capabilities from the cloud to the device. Control your assets remotely with Explicit Private Networking.

Flexibility & scale

Adapt and evolve your infrastructure, integrate with AI, ML, and future assets and technologies.

VOX’s holistic approach to digital transformation not only unifies energy resources management but also paves the way for a connected, intelligent future.

Create synergy and harness the power of OT, IT, and AI for unparalleled efficiency, security, and growth.

Empower your entire organization

Built on an open-standard trust model to foster efficient operations across your energy portfolio.

Energy management for leaders

GMs, VPs, and regional managers

  • Single point of truth of all operations and system performance to drive strategic initiatives
  • VOX scales and adapts to meet both current and future business needs

O&M excellence

Site managers, operators, and technicians

  • Unified alerts and notifications ensure operational excellence
  • Real-time command over diverse and formerly siloed assets, regardless of vendor

Edge-to-cloud security

CISOs, DPOs, and OT/IT security officers

  • Enhanced cybersecurity measures maintain site resilience and secure IT/OT bridging with Explicit Private Networks
  • Audit tracking for operational compliance and improvement

Actionable insights

Performance analysts, business analysts, and researchers

  • Self-service access to unified operational data promotes proactive analysis
  • Integrate and rapidly deploy analytical tools and methods as needs evolve

Monitoring real-time data to optimize operations

RWE Renewables partnered with Intertrust to boost power outputs, raise efficiencies, and reduce costs at its offshore UK wind farms.


RWE Renewables

  • Increased profitability and safety
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Gained visualizations with interactive analyses
  • Boosted competitive position

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“Virtual Operations Center is a best-in-class program that’s allowing us to improve the various operational and systems aspects of our offshore businesses.”

Justin Grimwade

Business Information Manager,

RWE Renewables

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