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6th Global Conference

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6th Conference Theme

Protecting the integrity of the data-driven economy

Thank you for being a part of the 6th bi-annual LINE X Intertrust Privacy Summit!

The Fall 2019 Summit was the latest in a series of international conferences focused on privacy and security co-sponsored by LINE and Intertrust. Subject matter experts from different industries around the world gathered to discuss the complex issues surrounding data privacy and business.

It was an eventful day, filled with thought-provoking conversations, thought leadership, and networking. Highlights included fresh insights into data privacy and computing technology, feedback from specialists in policy and human rights, and discussion on the role of data privacy in healthcare, energy, and other sectors.

We hope you found the event as enlightening and enjoyable as we did!

Keynote Speeches & Sessions

LINE X Intertrust – Highlights October 2019

The LINE X Intertrust Privacy Summit took place on October 29th, 2019 at the historic Hotel de Crillon in Paris. The sixth in a series of summits focusing on security and privacy, the event brought together global leaders in a variety of fields for a wide-ranging discussion of topics around ensuring data privacy in today’s data-driven economy.

October 2019

Takesh Nakayama, Executive Officer/CISO/DPO/CPO
of LINE Corporation

Takesh Nakayama talks about consideration of ethical issues as companies look to become 'data companies'.

October 2019

Talal G. Shamoon, CEO of Intertrust

Talal G. Shamoon presents his viewpoint that privacy needs to be thought of as a rights management problem.

October 2019

Andrew Odlyzko, Professor in the School of Mathematics at the University of Minnesota

Andrew Odlyzko focuses on how the decline of privacy is eroding public trust.

October 2019

Cheng-Mount Cheng, Deputy Minister of the National Development Council in Taiwan

Cheng-Mount Cheng presents on how Taiwanese government policy supports both citizens and industry in the data economy.

October 2019

Toru Niimi, Privacy Strategy Lead for LINE and Nawaf Naman, President and Founder of The Bridge of Cultures Association

A discussion on how different cultural norms can color perceptions of privacy.

October 2019

Ron Wheeler, a well-known entertainment industry attorney and Talal G. Shamoon.

Talal G. Shamoon along with Ron Wheeler raise issues around legal property rights
and privacy.

October 2019

Philip Bouchet, COO of the healthcare startup Tilak Healthcare, Paul Abramson, medical doctor and medical data privacy expert, Milan Petkovic, head of the Data Science Department at Philps, and Chuan-Feng Wu, professor at Academia Sincia and expert on health care policy and ethics

Philip Bouchet, Paul Abramson, Milan Petkovic, and Chuan-Feng Wu discuss issues around healthcare and data privacy.

October 2019

Dave Maher, EVP and CTO, Intertrust, Andrew Odlyzko, Professor, School of Mathematics, University of Minnesota, Milan Petkovic, Head, Data Science Department, Philips, Robert E. Tarjan, Chief Scientist, Intertrust and Professor, Princeton University, Talal G. Shamoon, CEO, Intertrust (Moderator)

A discussion on data privacy from a computer science viewpoint.

October 2019


Lizzie O'Shea

Founder and Board Member

Digital Rights Watch

Florian Kolb

Managing Director

innogy New Ventures

Dave Maher



Elaine Harwell

Senior Counsel

Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch

Kaori Ishii


Chuo University

Ron Wheeler


Bernard Benhamou

Secretary General

Institute of Digital Sovereignty

Anne Flanagan

Data Policy Lead

World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Cheng-Mount Cheng

Deputy Minister

National Development Council, Taiwan

Milan Petkovic

Head of the Data Science Department


Nawaf Naman

President and Founder

The Bridge of Cultures Association

Thomas Birr

SVP, Innovation and Business Transformation


Chuan-Feng Wu

Associate Research Professor

Academia Sinica

Naohisa Ichihara

Head of Cyber Security Dept

LINE Corporation

Toru Niimi

Privacy Strategy Lead

LINE Corporation

Tomas Sander



Andrew Odlyzko

Professor, School of Mathematics

University of Minnesota

Robert E. Tarjan

Chief Scientist and Professor

Intertrust and Princeton University

Alberto Sigismodi



Andreas Schlayer

Senior Underwriter

Munich Re

Paul Abramson

Founder and Medical Director

My Doctor Medical Group

Nathaniel Manning

Director of Business Development


Takesh Nakayama

Executive Officer/CISO/DPO/CPO

LINE Corporation

Cameron Briggs

General Manager of Future Energy

Origin Energy

Talal G. Shamoon



Stephen Comello

Director, Energy Business Innovations

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Partners in Security

LINE Corp. and Intertrust Technologies are united in their commitment to data privacy and security, and are proud partners in this series of security conferences.

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