A Certificate Authority Built from the Ground up for Distributed IoT Devices

Seacert provides Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services, offering customized trust services to any company that needs digital certificates, identities and cryptographic keys as part of their trusted infrastructure. Seacert’s global customers include media distribution services, consumer electronics manufacturers and IoT device manufacturers. While most certificate authorities were built in the age of the PC and are trying to cater to the needs of the IoT, Intertrust built Seacert with consumer electronics and mobile in mind from day one. Its highly scalable, secure infrastructure has generated billions of keys over the years to consumer devices around the planet. Seacert enjoys a WebTrust certification, and is a world-class solution to today’s challenging authentication and certification needs.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Seacert Corporation is a holder of ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System)
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A scalable, cost-effective PKI Service

Seacert provides Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services, such as provisioning digital certificates, identities and cryptographic keys for device makers and service providers.

Our technologies reside at the heart of ExpressPlay™ DRM, Intertrust’s cloud-based content protection service.

Many services, each customized for you

Seacert supplies its customers the cryptographic services they need to deploy quickly, securely, and cost effectively. Seacert supports a variety of cryptographic standards and protocols and has the expertise to provide reliable, customizable implementations. With over 40 global customers, Seacert supports a variety of business processes, credentials, and event response mechanisms.

Secure Device and Application Provisioning

The Seacert™ Personalization Service authenticates legitimate devices and applications, granting them access to data repositories, network applications, and databases based on either a specific device, downloadable application or a unique user identity to which multiple devices or downloadable applications are linked.

Using this service, customers can verify that access rights and privileges comply with their business models and minimize abuse to their closed system.

Seacert has a proven track record of supporting global consumer electronics manufacturers in the secure provisioning of their hundreds of millions of connected devices either as part of the manufacturing cycle or, once deployed, by using Seacert’s on-line provisioning service.

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Certificate Management

In a growing world of Internet-connected devices and downloadable applications, the Seacert™ Device Provisioning Service can authorize legitimate users and grant them access to data repositories, network applications, and databases based on either a specific device, downloadable application or a unique user identity to which multiple devices or downloadable applications are linked.

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Secure Service Provisioning

Just as with devices, services require private keys and certificates. Seacert provides server provisioning to some of the largest connected device infrastructures in production today. These commercial PKI’s have entrusted Seacert to manage their certificate authorities. In this role, Seacert certifies the private keys that the services generate. These services use the certificates Seacert provides to authenticate themselves as legitimate service providers.

Seacert meets the needs of its connected device infrastructure customers by designing solutions that are optimized to the customer’s specifications and requirements. Seacert’s team of security architects and operations experts can help determine the optimal PKI structure, specify certificates, and provisioning workflow for your service.

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Marlin DRM Trust Authority

Seacert has fulfilled the requirements of the Marlin Trust Management Organization to be a Trust Service Provider (TSP) for its Marlin DRM service. Companies launching a Marlin DRM service or deploying a Marlin-enabled device use Seacert TSP services to obtain the required cryptographic credentials for the services to issue licenses and the devices to play content protected by Marlin DRM.

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Seacert currently offers a variety of security infrastructure services. Each service may be customized to your unique requirements. We offer key management and operational support throughout the distribution process in a scalable, secure, and cost-effective manner.

The Seacert Advantage

Industry Tested

The largest consumer electronics manufacturers and enterprise customers trust Seacert to meet their strict workflow and auditing requirements.

Distinctly customizable

Seacert designs and implements custom Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs) for leading secure publishing and IoT providers.

Highly transparent

The Seacert solution gives you full visibility into your PKI, as well as all the data we manage for you and your products.

A single solution with countless applications

Our services are key to any trusted infrastructure.

Internet of Things (IoT) Security

IoT Security

With IoT, smaller and smaller devices communicate with the cloud and with each other. Modern Internet-connected devices require a strong security model to protect transactions and keep data private. This requires authentication and encryption among and between trusted devices and services. Seacert provides a secure device provisioning service. The service has been used for years by leading consumer electronics manufacturers.

Secure Publishing

Secure Publishing

DRM systems require approved trust management services to generate and distribute certificates and cryptographic keys used by license services and playback devices. Seacert is a trust service provider approved by the Marlin Trust Management Organization (MTMO) to operate as a Marlin Trust Service Provider (TSP). .

Server Administration

Server Administration

SSH keys are used in just about every server administration platform, from Amazon EC2 to private VM server farms. Managing the ever-growing SSH keychain can be a difficult task. Seacert can provide key generation and escrow services for SSH keys, including custom certificate structures to manage the use of your SSH keys within your organization.

Secure Web (SSL)

Secure Web (SSL)

Not all SSL certificates are created equal. Seacert provides SSL certification services with support for unusual certificate extensions and features. Get in touch directly with us as we specialize in custom certificate configurations.

Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging

Messaging is a key application in today’s enterprise, and secure messaging infrastructure can be costly and complex. Seacert will soon be able to provide certificate management services for enterprises looking to use open standard secure messaging platforms such as S/MIME where client application support is common, but the certificate management is missing or unwieldy.

Top Businesses Choose Seacert


The Tivù service in Italy is a nationwide digital satellite and over-the-top VOD television service. Tivù approached Seacert with a request to provision Marlin DRM-enabled set-top boxes for the TivùOn OTT service, thus ensuring that they comply with the Marlin Trust Management Organization (MTMO) requirements. Additionally, Tivù requested that Seacert provide a custom PKI for Tivù. Seacert collaborated with Tivù to design a custom certificate hierarchy according to its requirements, and developed a secure workflow for the provisioning of certificates from its proprietary CA which Seacert generated and now manage.


The UK’s YouView offers full television services to a large membership base across the nation. The YouView service includes all the popular TV channels from the UK, including Channel5, the BBC, Sky, and more. When YouView needed to build out its DRM infrastructure, it came to Seacert to implement its trust infrastructure. YouView required custom certificates issued from YouView own certificate authorities. Seacert provided consultation and design services for this new structure. Additionally, all manufacturers providing YouView boxes and players use Seacert to provision their devices to be YouView and Marlin enabled.

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