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Proven at Scale

For over 12 years, Intertrust has been delivering secure device identities using Seacert, providing security for the IoT, media 
and entertainment industry. Our credentials are embedded in hundreds of millions of devices worldwide.

We have successfully provisioned identities to over 1.5 billion devices with no security risk. Ever.

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Device identity provisioning services

We understand the complexity surrounding the delivery of secure device identities including cryptographic keys and digital certificates. For an IoT device manufacturer, this can be time consuming, costly 
and difficult to scale. With Seacert, the entire process is seamlessly managed with solutions that are scalable, cost-effective and 

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Seacert specializes in cryptographic device identity provisioning. We can deliver device identities directly to the factory floor where the devices are manufactured or in the field through our scalable cloud provisioning service. All sizes of implementations are supported, from a handful of identities per year to millions of identities provisioned daily.

Seacert provides a wide range of keying material for cryptographic algorithms including RSA, ECC & AES.

Whether you are an IoT device manufacturer or silicon vendor, Seacert simplifies provisioning.

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Managed PKI

Seacert can help manage the full lifecycle of your devices and services from initialization, update, remediation through end-of-life.

Using our cryptographic service is quick, easy and budget-friendly. Save 50-85% by using Seacert over in-house PKI.

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Seacert’s Managed PKI offers the following features and functionalities:

  • Root key generation and management
  • Certificate hierarchies including roots, subordinate CAs and leafs
  • Certificate revocation lists (CRL), Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) & other revocation mechanisms for compromised devices
  • Certificate signing requests
  • Credentials including certificates, keys, chip-secured trusted applications, key derivatives, hashing algorithms, XML files, SAML assertions, text and other data structures as per your security model
  • Secure key archiving and disaster recovery
  • Test and production environments for smooth implementation
  • User-friendly, web-based ordering and management of services

Professional services

Seacert specializes in “closed ecosystems” for companies that want to use PKI and cryptography for security as well as having control over all the components in the ecosystem (devices, services, applications, firmware, etc.)

Together, with our world-class PKI experts, we design and implement the security of your entire ecosystem and complex device identity deployments.

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Seacert’s Professional Services offers the following:

  • Customization for any part of the ecosystem including X.509 certificate extensions, specialized CRLs, code signing, key derivatives and authorization certificates.
  • Custom remediation solutions beyond standard CRLs or OCSP
  • Collaboration with major chipset manufacturers, so you can take advantage of cryptographic hardware features in your device.