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Grid data operations

Secure collaboration between utilities, cities, and EV infrastructure installers.

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Secure data exchange and collaboration for smart city planning

Facilitate secure data exchanges and collaboration between multiple parties.

Do you know where your new charging stations should be?

A perceived lack of easily available EV charger infrastructure is preventing mass EV adoption. Since many EV owners rely on publicly available EV chargers, additional charging infrastructure is required to support growing demand. But where should these charging stations be placed? Lack of easy and quick access to grid information is significantly slowing down the siting and construction of new EV charging stations.

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The future of grid data operations is here

In order to expedite the expansion of EV charger networks, planners need full insight into transit patterns and grid data. With multiple stakeholders  needing to collaborate on this data, it’s especially crucial that the data stay secure.

The Intertrust Platform offers a trusted, automated grid integration and data access service that can easily support interconnections and information requests.

Ensure full operational visibility

  • Enable efficient data orchestration across multiple entities and stakeholders
  • Correlate and analyze EV asset requirements
  • Securely share information about EVs and grid infrastructure
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Implement full data interoperability

  • Easily collect and blend EV/Plug-in hybrid EV data including car location, movement patterns, and EV battery charging levels
  • Analyze and visualize energy needs across entire ecosystem
  • Work across hundreds of data silos and clouds
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Provide unparalleled data governance

  • Ensure vehicle owner data rights are respected through aggregation, anonymization, and data access control
  • Maintain GDPR protections and conform to other regulations
  • Honor all data access rights, maintain data security, and manage a full audit trail
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Clean energy requires trustworthy data

To compete in a rapidly expanding digital market, utilities and grid operators must revamp their grids and the way they manage data. Read this white paper to learn more about Intertrust’s CleanGrid toolkit and how it enables secure data analysis and data sharing.

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Many verticals. One Platform.

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One of the world’s largest distribution system operators partnered with one of the world’s largest automakers in order to improve EV charger and grid planning. They turned to Intertrust for a secure data collaboration and data management platform.

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Energy & utilities

A key challenge with efficient integration of electric vehicles into the distribution grid is controllability. Learn how a major German utility uses Intertrust Platform to balance load spikes caused by mass EV charging.

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Electrification of mobility plays a crucial role in sustainability and emission reduction. Learn how Intertrust is helping promote EV adoption and enabling efficient integration of electric vehicles into the distribution grid.

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