Our solutions for the connected world

Intertrust’s suite of products deliver trusted computing to meet the challenges of an increasingly connected world.

The Internet of Things is creating billions of fragmented connections. At Intertrust, we protect those connections by adding interoperability, security and privacy in a trusted cloud layer.


The future is rapidly changing. As connected automotive applications and autonomous driving features become more standard, the automotive computing platform grows in complexity. With this complexity, comes the need for a new level of cybersecurity.

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Media and Entertainment

Capture audiences and evolve your digital media strategy by incorporating data for customized media experiences including targeted advertising. Protect content end-to-end with multi-device and multi-channel delivery.

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New medical breakthroughs and cures are being discovered through precision medicine. For precision medicine to work, sensitive medical records need to be securely stored where appropriate medical professionals can access them. Medical devices also require security measures.

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Connected Home

Powering the connected home requires interoperability between devices while protecting the data during transmission. Intertrust ensures communication is protected for increased consumer confidence.

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Energy utilities generate and collect vast amounts of proprietary data. This data, if it can be shared among partners, can drive entire industries to the their next level. However, concerns about data security and how to control data distribution are stymieing large-scale sharing. Intertrust’s trusted data sharing infrastructure provides utilities with quality data management to create efficiencies and new monetization channels.

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FinTech is changing the world as we know it. It is driving innovation for technology-led financial services companies in banking, financing, crowdfunding, digital currencies, insurance, money transfer, payments, wealth management and more. Every day more people are seeking financial services on the go.

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Meet our products

The Internet of Things is bringing about a profound transformation requiring interconnectivity and interoperability. Our cloud-based platform and suite of products support ground-breaking technologies in automotive, home, health care and media and entertainment.

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